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9 Item(s)

Fold Down Parking Posts

At Pittman we can supply a vast range of Fold Down Parking Posts, ideal for many different situations and environments.  Our range is comprised of many different bollard designs and features that will enable you to protect nearby assets, deter theft of your vehicle, block cars from entering into an area when required and many more.

With so many fold down bollard options straight from our shelf we can deliver quickly direct to your door.

What are fold down bollards?

Where static or stationary bollards provide a permanent access or theft deterrent fold down bollards can be installed to provide access when and where you need it.  At home, for example, fold down bollards can be installed directly behind where you would normally park your car, deterring theft and providing peace of mind while you are away or at night. The Autobahn Folding Parking Post is one of Pittman’s most popular parking bollards and provides a long lasting theft deterrence where needed most.  Made from tough hot-dip galvanised steel these bollards will last a long time while in use while they euro profile cylinder lock provides quick and easy folding when in use. When you require access or are leaving your driveway simply turn the key in the lock and fold the bollard down towards the ground.  On return just pull the bollard back up where it will click back into position.

For a wider bollard our Cobain Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard is an excellent option - the wider arms on the bollards help to reduce the space between car spaces and offer excellent theft deterrence while in use.

how to install fold down parking posts?

How do you install fold down bollards?

Our fold down bollards can be quickly and easily installed directly into concrete. When installing simply mark out the pre-drilled holes for the bollard and then drill down as needed. Once this is done you can easily tighten the fixings into place.  If you are installing into tarmac we would recommend that you first insert a concrete pad to provide a stable base for the bollard. Tarmac tends to be weak at times when it comes to supporting a bollard so installing a concrete base provide the correct support and leverage that the bollard requires.

fold down parking posts

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