Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

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12 Item(s)

Traffic Cones

Traffic cones can be used for instant delineation on site. They are used regularly for groundworks, roadworks and building sites. The highly visible nature of the cones alerts drivers to their presence, deterring entry. 

What are traffic cones?

Traffic cones are cone shaped bollards that deter entry into an area. They are used regularly with roadworks and groundworks. Cones are usually equipped with highly visible markings, alerting drivers to their presence on approach. They are free standing for instant use on site. 

Why use traffic cones?

Traffic cones are -

  • Highly visible - will be seen at all times
  • Easily stacked - transport large amounts of cones at once
  • Cost-effective - cheap to purchase
  • Re-usable - use over and over again
  • Ideal for outdoors - weighted base prevents wind from knocking cones over

why use traffic cones?

What are the best traffic cones?

The best traffic cones must be hard wearing and completely reusable. Traffic cones must be suitable for using highway and off-highway use. The better the quality of the cone the more you'll save on repeat purchases.

JSP traffic cones are - 

  • Tested according to EN13422
  • UV stabilised - ideal for outdoors
  • Made from hard-wearing LDPE
  • Equipped with Sealbrite class R1B reflective sleeves
  • Equipped with a 100% recycled base

Choose from the excellent JSP Traffic Cones range:

JSP Dominator Traffic Cone 500mm

JSP Navigator Traffic Cone 750mm

JSP Dominator Traffic Cone 1000mm

Coloured Traffic Cones

Traffic cone accessories:

Retractable Cone Bars

GHP Cone Mounted Retractable Tape Barrier

Why use coloured traffic cones? 

Use coloured traffic cones to match company colours or to specify the works taking place. 

Orange cones - standard groundworks

Yellow cones - hazardous materials

Black cones - funeral processions 

Green cones - Hedge cutting, tree trimming

Blue cones - water works or spills

traffic cones

Road Cones

No Parking Cones

Collapsible Traffic Cone

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