Road Cones

Road Traffic Cones

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11 Item(s)

Road Cones

Road Cones can be used to delineate areas on roadways. Use road cones to highlight areas for drivers. The cones can help to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and are perfect for temporary use.

What are road cones?

Road cones are plastic cones used to delineate on roadways. The cones come equipped with a heavy duty base to help them remain upright. They also use reflective markings or sheeting so that they will light up under vehicle headlights.

Why use road cones?

Use road cones to delineate areas on roadways. They can be used to create out of bounds areas or reduce traffic accidents. 

Road cones are - 

  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Ideal for highway use
  • Highly durable
  • Highly reflecive

Where to use road cones?

Use road cones where there are roadworks or diversions in place. The cones can be used as a temporary measure to alert drivers to oncoming roadworks. They can be installed on site very fast and can be used instantly.

The JSP Navigator Traffic Cone 750mm is a very popular choice among construction workers and road engineers. The high quality cones can be deployed to site with great ease. Each cone uses a class R1B Sealbrite reflective sleeve for high visibility at all times. The heavy duty base is 100% recycled and will help the cone to remain upright at all times.

For other purposes such as funeral processions and waterworks etc. the Coloured Traffic Cones can also be used. These cones come in a variety of colours to use in different circumstances.

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