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Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors: 7 reasons to choose PITTMAN™

  1. Fast delivery throughout Ireland from our large stocks
  2. Easy online ordering through our Irish website
  3. Our online prices are unbeatable
  4. 30 day no quibble returns
  5. Largest selection of cable protection in Ireland
  6. Friendly experts help you select the correct cable protector
  7. Reliable after sales service from our expert team


What is a Cable Protector ?

Cable Protectors help eliminate hazards from pedestrians tripping, while protecting the cable, hose or wires from impacts. While installed cable protectors allow for the insertion of wires, cables or hoses and keep them protected from damage from the likes of pedestrians, cars, trolleys and many more.  At Pittman we have an excellent range of cable protectors that allow for many different cable, wire and hose types.  Cable protectors are ideal for many different instances, whether protecting cables or wires at home, in a warehouse or on a building site.

To select the best cable protector for the job, there’s a few points to consider. Will the deployment of the cable be temporary or semi-permanent? What is the diameter and quantity of the cables? Will pedestrians be in the area or is it just cars / trucks? Will there be a large proportion of trucks or HGVs in the area? Will the area be left unattended at night or over the weekends?

If the cable will be deployed in a light duty indoor area then select a lightweight protector like the GHP Rubber Cable Tidy which is suited to light pedestrian activity on a temporary or semi-permanent basis in offices.

Can I purchase HGV Cable Protection ?

Our HR2 Cable Protection Ramp are the preferred choice for use with HGV traffic and is tested for use with 44 tonne trucks. Most popular with fire crews, dairy trucks and water utilities is the HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps which has capacity for two 3” diameter hoses and is quick to deploy.

For a more permanent solution have a look at the Multiple Hose/Cable Protectors. Also widely used as a bolt-down permanent solution is the Easy Rider Speed Bump which has two 30mm channels on the underside – bolted down means the hoses will be protected from all traffic and could then of course be left unattended for long periods.

Whatever your application please call us on 015312111 for help with selecting the best solution for hazard prevention when deploying cables.

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