Cable Cover

Cable Cover

Reduce Slips and Trips With A Pittman Cable Cover - Fast Delivery

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7 Item(s)

Cable Cover

Form the Cable Bridge 490 Bolt Down to the GHP Cable Tidy - Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment have Ireland's most comprehensive stock of cable covers and ramps. For lightweight cable protection right through to permanent cable covers - we have your cables protected!

The HR2 Hose Cable Protection Ramp is our best selling version and is certified tested for use with 40 tonne trucks. With the handy yellow lid, cables can be slotted into place quickly and the road re-opened to traffic within minutes. Remember this cable ramp is for temporary use - keep the area monitored to ensure the lid remains in place especially in heavy traffic areas.

what is a cable cover?

For more heavy duty applications where the cable cover may be left unattended for semi-permanent installation choose the Cable Bridge 490 which is bolted to the ground and the cover is screwed tight. Again this model has male / female jigsaw connectors so the unit can be extended to accept any length of cable or hose.

For protecting cables and wires from pedestrian traffic our CR2 Cable Protection Cover can be deployed quickly and easily to site.

When choosing the cable cover for your next project consider:

  1. how long with the cable cover be deployed for?
  2. what type of traffic is in the area: pedestrian only, cars, trucks or HGVs?
  3. what size is my cable and how many need to be covered using this cable protection ramp?

Give the friendly sales team at PITTMAN a call on 01 531 2777 and we can ensure you choose the best solution. We keep most models in stock available for speedy delivery across Ireland, sometimes overnite.

For workplace and event safety choose Pittman for cable covers.


cable cover

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