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cable ramp

Ireland's Best Range of Cable Ramps Delivered Fast From Stock

Choose from Ireland's widest range of pedestrian and vehicle cable ramps made for the toughest projects. Pedestrian cable ramps can reduce the risk of trips and fall on site. Hose ramps can protect cables from HGV damage. Have an upcoming project? Call our cable ramps experts on 01 531 2111 or email [email protected] fast quotes.

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17 Item(s)

Cable Ramp

What are cable ramps used for?

Cable ramps are used to protect exposed wires and cables on the ground, especially where there may be heavy pedestrian traffic. Most cable ramps come in a loose lay format that allows for instant use on site.

How many cables can a cable ramp protect?

Depending on the cable ramp you choose you can protect a number of cables at once. Our most popular cable ramp, The HR2 Hose Cable Protection Ramp, can protect up to 3 hoses or cables with 2no. channels at 68 x 50mm and 1no. channel 55 x 50mm.

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Can cable ramps protect cables against HGV traffic?

Cable ramps like the Cable Protection Ramp 1200mmare perfect for using with HGV traffic. Each ramp is made from highly durable rubber and is perfect for protecting up to 3 cables against large duty vehicles.

For larger hoses and cables you can also try our Hose Ramps - products like the HR4 Hose Ramp allow for even wider cables such as electrical cables or fire hoses, with 2no channels that can accomodate 95 x 102mm hoses.

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Benefits of using cable ramps

Protect cables from damage -cable ramp setups will cover or protect exposed cables from damage. Damaged cables may result in costly repairs to equipment and may also hinder project completions.

Reduce trips and falls - pedestrian cable ramps can be used to allow pedestrians to move through an area with decreased risk of tripping on cables. This helps to protect employees and civilians on sites.

Reduce site downtimes -cable ramps will allow projects to continue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Trucks, cars or pedestrians will be able to pass through the area quite normally while nearby works continue.

Highly suited to temporary works - cable ramps are ideal for temporary works. While permanent options are available for permanent works, temporary cable ramp setups will allow ramps to be removed when not in use anymore. The ramps can be used again and again where needed.

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