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12 Item(s)

Hose Ramps

Cable and hose protection ramps are essential pieces of safety equipment to ensure the safety and protection of important wires, hoses and cables from damage. These relatively inexpensive bits of kit can be quickly deployed to offer protection from persons and vehicles that may cross the hoses’ path. Deploying hose protection ramps also keeps pedestrians protected from trip hazards. PITTMAN stock a large variety of high quality hose ramps suitable for an industrial, commercial or public setting and ideal for permanent or temporary protective measures.

Hose Protection Ramps


What are Hose Ramps used for?

Hose Ramps offer highly effective cable protection in areas where HGVs make up the majority of the traffic. The HR2 Cable Protection Ramp is a popular choice, and widely in use by the Fire Services, at water utilities and environments where dairy trucks etc. are present. The HR3 Hose Protection Ramp can enclose up to two 3” hoses. Ramps are secured via ‘dog bone’ connectors enabling users to easily extend ramps for longer hose protection. Quick and easy to deploy these ramps are ideal for when you need a fast temporary solution. The ramps are suitable for heavy duty use and feature reflective strips on either side so motorists can see the ramps even in low lighting conditions.

The tough and heavy duty HR4 Hose Ramp offers effective protection of hoses in a variety of environments from warehouses and at construction sites, and ramps are also able to withstand heavy vehicles including fire engines or larger trucks at events and on film sets. The hose ramp can fit up to two large hoses, and since there’s no need to bolt in, the ramps can be deployed quickly to adapt to changing requirements. For wider hoses our HR5 Hose Ramp offers excellent protection for industrial style hoses.

What kind of hose ramps would be suitable for permanent cable protection?

The Multiple Hose/Cable Protector for Pedestrian traffic offers a sturdy permanent solution to protecting wires and hoses.  The ramp forms a bridge-type walkway suitable for pedestrians to ensure critical hoses and cables in awkward places can be crossed over safely. The protector’s gritted surface ensures an excellent grip even in muddy or wet conditions. The modular protectors can be used alongside others on either side to extend the walkway.  Ideal for use in event management, at construction sites and in warehouses and factories the cable bridge can cater for hoses of up to 1000 mm thickness. These hose ramps are ideal for construction sites, events, walkways and many other places and situations.

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