Creating a Safer Cycling & Pedestrian Infrastructure for Ireland

Rapid transformation of streetscapes will happen in Irish towns and cities in 2021. The Irish government has already allocated €240m to cycling & pedestrian infrastructure this year. Both our commute to work and our recreational landscape will undoubtedly continue to change over the coming years.

Pittman is home to some of the worlds leading manufacturers of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. Zicla of Spain bring us the Vectorial modular plastic platform system, as well as the Zipper & Zebra cycle lane separators. Impact Recovery Systems are the world leaders in flexible bollards including the new CycleMax bollard - ideally combined with their high performance plastic kerbs including the Tuff Curb XLP for cycle lane delineation.

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Pedestrian and Cyclist Infrastructure

Ireland's Leading Supplier of Cyclist and Pedestrian Infrastructure

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27 Item(s)

Cycling & Pedestrian

Pittman are Ireland's leading supplier of Cycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure. Choose from the best range of cycle lane separators, delineators, public bike repair stations, bike racks and more. Call our experts today for more information on how you can plan your next project. 

What is cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure?

Cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure consists of items used to protect cyclists and pedestrians from impact on public roads. The infrastructure can be put in place to create safer cycle lanes and delineate roads for motorists. Cycle lane infrastructure has become quite common in city and town environments. Cycle lane systems can help to increase local bike use and create safer and more efficient traffic systems.

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Where to install cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure?

Install cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure on busy public roads where cyclists and pedestrians may be at higher risk from vehicles. Cycle lane separators in particular can be used on roadsides to effectively separate cyclists and vehicles. Install alongside driving lanes where cyclists can safely ride their bike. They are ideal in commuter areas where employees use bikes to get to and from work, school or college.

The Zebra Bicycle Lane Separator is made from 100% recycled plastic. These robust cycle lane separators can be installed on many road types and provide instant delineation. The highly visible design makes them easily seen by cyclists and motorists, day or night. They are robust enough for public areas and can survive impacts and weathering while being used.

A popular product for cycle lane delineation is the Cycle Max Cycle Lane Delineator. This robust bollard has been fully tested and is ideal for Irish road use. The steel spring on the bollard allows it to bend on impact shoult it occur, reducing damage to impacting vehicles. The bollard uses a 480mm high reflective sleeve to alert cyclists and motorists to its presence. The bike symbols make them perfect for using on at public cycle lanes. 

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