Anti Slip Mats

Anti Slip Mats

Reduce Slips and Falls in the Workplace - FAST Delivery on Anti Slip Mats

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Anti Slip Mats

Anti Slip Mats can drastically reduce the risk of slips and falls in the workplace. The mats provide increased grip and stability for pedestrians while they are in use. Non slip mats are a very cost effective means of providing better safety. 

Anti slip mats work by increasing the grip under pedestrian shoes. The matting is generally made from a rubber material. The rubber material allows the mats to remain lightweight and easy to install while providing better grip.

These mats are ideal for using in wet and dry areas. Non slip matting is often used in food preparation and processing environments. The mats allow for drainage of oils and liquids and reduce slips.

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There are a number of hazards that anti slip mats can help with.

Hazard 1: Wet Tiles

Stepping off a wet paved area onto a tiled porch or reception area can result in an instant trip and possible serious injury for visitors or staff. Excess moisture needs to be kept off footwear and one of the best ways in achieving this is by using a GHP Rubber Mat. Widely used as an entrance mat outside doors, it is particularly effective on tiles and smooth surfaces.

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Hazard 2: Food Preparation Areas

Popular in food preparation and catering areas is the Multi Mat II Floor Mat which is very strong yet lightweight. At just 9.5mm thick the mat can be easily re-positioned while the raised studs give aeration and extra grip. This mat comes in standard and grease resistant versions. Read the HSE Top Tips to Stop Slips in Kitchens.

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Hazard 3: General Industry

For heavier duty use consider Deckplate Anti Fatigue Matting. The heardwearing deckplace Anti-Fatigue Matting is 14mm thick and manufactured from highly durable PVC. 

Don’t forget the friendly team at PITTMAN are here to help. Phone us with details of your particular application and we will advise on the best mat for your job.

 Anti Slip Mats

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