Disinfectant Mats

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5 Item(s)

Disinfectant Mats

Disinfectant Mats can be used to create better hygiene in your premises. Install disinfectant mats at entrances to reduce the spread of dirt and bacteria indoors. The mats can be place on site for instant use and hygiene benefits. 

Why use a disinfectant mat?

Use a disinfectant mat to reduce the spread of dirt and bacteria. They are commonly placed at business entrances or entrances into cleanrooms and more. They mats can keep your premises clean and hygienic at all times.

How to use a disinfectant mat?

Fill the disinfectant mat with a disinfectant solution of your choosing. Standard disinfectants, such as Dettol, are highly effective when combined with the mats. Create your solution and pour straight into the mat. Consult the disinfectant packaging for tips on dilution amounts etc.


The Sani Trax Disinfectant Mat can be installed easily at a premises door. The highly durable rubber mat can hold up to 4.5 litres of disinfectant solution. This allows for repeated use on a day-to-day basis. Once the solution is poured into the mat pedestrians can easily wipe their feet clean. The thick bristles on the disinfecting mat help to dislodge dirt and scrub solution into the shoes. 

To provide a wet and dry solution for your area try the Disinfection and Dry Zone Mat. This mat provides an area for disinfection mats and entrance mats to be used together. A separate disinfection mat can be placed on the marked area on the mat while the drying zone allows for quick drying of shoes immediately after.

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