ESD Mats

Prevent Static Shocks to Employees/Work Equipment with ESD Mats

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11 Item(s)

ESD Mats

At Pittman we offer the best range of ESD mats and rubber matting, providing excellent safety and comfort to workers while they are working on electrical machinery. Our high quality ESD mats are available in custom sizes if required and can be installed quickly and easily on site. 

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What does ESD stand for?

ESD stands for "Electrostatic Discharge".

What is an ESD mat?

An ESD mat is a piece of matting that is used to protect the user from electrostatic discharge (ESD) while working with electrical equipment.

ESD mats are popular with those who work on computers - computers tend have a lot of internal parts that are quite sensitive to ESD. 

what are esd mats?

What are ESD mats made from?

ESD mats are made from rubber, vinyl and other materials that resist electrical charge. 

How do ESD mats work?

ESD mats work by neutralising the static discharge and moving the charge towards the grounded mat.  

Why are ESD Mats important?

ESD mats are extremely important as ESD can severely damage electronic equipment - it can badly damage crucial medical equipment, banking equipment and more. 

What is the best ESD mat?

The best ESD mat is the Cushion Stat Anti Fatigue Mat - it can be easily installed on site for workers to stand on and reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge. If required it can also be equipped with a grounding cord suitable for using in areas that have a build up of static electricity.

Another option is the Diamond Stat Anti Fatigue Mat - this mat includes a tough static dissipative surface with excellent grip for the user.

ESD Mats

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