Ground Protection Mats

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17 Item(s)

Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats are pieces of matting used to provide protection to floors or outdoor ground. The mats are usually made from thick rubber and help to absorb impact. They are commonly used in areas with heavy machinery being used. 

Ground protection mats are extremely effective at protecting indoor floors. They can help to reduce the risk of damage and costly repairs. The mats provide a safer workplace for warehouses, building sites, manufacturing facilities and more.

Ground mats can be formed over long distances outdoors to reduce the risk of damage to concrete or tarmac. When joined together they will form a roadway for work vehicles to get around easily. Most ground mats will include a gripped surface for instant stability.

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One of our most popular ground protection mats is the Slabmat Modular Ground Protection Mats. This heavy duty mat can be used in the toughest of environmments. Each mat can hold very heavy weight and is suitable for using in warehouses, assembly lines and more. The heavy duty rubber design makes it perfect for long term use.  The ground mats come in a modular design for easy installatoin on site. 

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Ground protection mats are easy to install. Each mat comes in a single piece modular design for fast installation. Simply join together end on end or side by side for instant use on site. 

Most ground protection mats are ideal for temporary use. When not required they can be lifted and stored with ease. They are fully resuable and can be moved from site to site where needed. 

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The Euromat Ground Protection Mat provides excellent protection against heavy machinery. These mats provide heavy duty use for outdoor buildings sites. The tough design allows for up to 80 tonnes while in use. They are suitable for use with trucks and excavators.

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