Ground Protection Mats

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7 Item(s)

Ground Protection Mats

At Pittman we have a fantastic mats range, including our widely used Ground Protection Mats. Our ground mats are perfect for protecting flooring and reducing the risk of slips and trips in the area. For more information on our ground mats range be sure to call our sales team for expert mats advice.

What are ground protection mats?

Ground protection mats are pieces of matting used to provide protection to floors or outdoor ground. 

Why use ground protection mats?

Ground protection mats help to reduce damage to the ground and assist with reducing floor repairs. Ground protection can also absorb the impact of falling items and may also reduce damage to them.

One of our most popular ground protection mats is the Slabmat Carrie - this thick rubber mat is made for heavy duty use. Each mat can hold very heavy weight and is suitable for using in warehouses, assembly lines and more.

Are ground protection mats easy to install?

Ground protection mats are easy to install - each mat comes in a single piece or modular design for fast installation. 

Our Tough-Lock ECO Anti-Slip Industrial Matting comes in packs of 4 for easy installation on site. The mat pieces together and helps to reduce damage to exposed floors. The PVC mats also provide excellent grip for pedestrians. These mats are perfect for using with refurbished floors where they can cover damaged areas.

Can ground mats be used with forklifts?

These mats are suitable for using with forklifts - the 100% PVC design makes them ideal for heavy duty use. 


For more information on our ground protection mats range email our sales team at [email protected] - our mat experts are on hand to answer your questions.

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