Industrial Rubber Mats

Reduce Warehouse Slips and Falls with Industrial Rubber Mats

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24 Item(s)

Industrial Rubber Mats

At Pittman we have a fantastic range of Industrial Rubber Mats that are perfect for commercial settings and provide a heavy duty flooring option for factories, warehouses, freight depots, plants and more. Choose from our excellent rubber mats range for the best in industrial flooring.

What are industrial rubber mats?

Industrial rubber mats are pieces of matting used to provide anti fatigue and grip properties to pedestrians. They are commonly used in work environments in order to  reduce the risk of slips and trips and keep employees productive during a workday.

One of our most popular industrial rubber mats is the Cushion Trax Anti Fatigue Mat - this matting comes with a highly durable checked rubber surface for excellent grip. The foam backing of the mat also provides excellent anti fatigue properties, keeping employees feeling refreshed when standing for long periods of time. For high visibility the industrial mat is fitted with yellow markings along the sides.

industrial rubber mats

How to install industrial rubber mats?

Industrial rubber mats are loose lay for easy installation on site. Most mats will also require no additional adhesive for install. Industrial mats generally come in rolls for easy installation on site but are also available in tile formats.

A mat suitable for various types of environments is the Sanitop Anti Fatigue Mat - the holes in the mat allow for excellent drainage and they are suitable for using in industrial kitchens and food processing environments. The loose lay format of the mat allows for fast installation on site and is equipped with bevelled edges to reduce the risk of trips and slips. 

what are industrial rubber mats?

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