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Logo Mats For The Best First Impressions and Branding Opportunities

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6 Item(s)

Logo Mats

What are personalised door mats?

Logo mats or personalised door mats provide excellent dust and dirt control properties for many kinds of areas while allowing you to also portray your own company logo, school crest or name to anyone crossing the threshold of your premises.

With excellent dust control properties these personalised door mats provide excellent traction for customers, students and visitors entering a premise. Each personalised mat comes with vinyl backing that prevents it from slipping out of place. Use personalised door mats to display a brand, crest, company name etc. to entrants to your premises.

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What kind of logo can I put on my mat?

When it comes to our logo mats we can put almost any kind of logo, crest, text or design onto the mat, ensuring you can portray the message or image you need when and where you need it most.  These personalised door mats provide excellent branding properties and can be used in entrances for many parts of your premises.

One of the most popular personalised door mat products is the Brilliantstep Standard  Custom Logo Mat.  These logo mats are available in various sizes with the added option of having a custom length if required. To start your personalised door mat enquiry simply tell us what size mat you require, whether you would prefer portrait or landscape, provide us with a high-resolution image of the logo, crest or design you would like to use and then select a background colour.  Once we can confirm all of these details we will then be able to provide you with a mock-up of what your logo mat will look like, allowing you to make any changes before the door mats go to print.

At Pittman we provide the best quality logo mats that can be used as entrance matting for your business or school premises. Completely customise your logo mat with the artwork you require - choose custom colours, insert your company crest, custom wording and more. 

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What are logo mats used for?

Logo mats can be used as an excellent branding tool and can be used to create the ultimate first impression for customers and visitors.

The Standard Custom Logo Mat is the most popular personalised mat option. To order your mat all you need is the size, high-res artwork and background colours. On ordering you can receive a mock-up of your mat within 24 hours.

How to clean logo mats?

Clean logo mats by using a standard vacuum cleaner. For washable logo mats contact our sales team for more information.

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Can logo mats be used for heavy foot traffic?

Logo mats can be used for heavy foot traffic. For extreme cases with very high levels of traffic use the heavy duty custom logo mat. The thicker mat pile provides better wear against frequent use.

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