Roof Mats

Provide Better Grip to Maintenance Workers with Roof Mats

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5 Item(s)

Roof Mats

Here at Pittman we have a fantastic range of roof mats and anti slip mats that provide excellent safety for your area. Choose from our excellent roof matting range with FAST delivery from our matting warehouse. 

What are roof mats?

Roof mats are loose lay mats that provide grip and stability for pedestrians on a rooftop. Roof mats are popular on busy roof walkways where they can provide better safety and anti-slip properties for the area.

One of our most popular mats is the Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti Slip Matting. This mat comes in 10 metre roll for easy deployment to site. The diamond cut pattern on the surface provides excellent grip for pedestrians. They have also been tested to remain in place with high winds of up to 60mph (96 km/h).

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How are roof mats installed?

Roof mats are loose lay for instant installation on site. The 10 metre rolls can be rolled out on site quickly. The roof mats will also contour to different surface types, making them suitable for roof membranes.

How to clean roof mats?

Roof mats are very easy to clean with a high pressure hose. The holes in the roof matting allows for drainage which helps to keep the mat free of liquid and small debris.

Are roof mats UV resistant?

The roof mats are UV resistant and will not fade in the sun. 

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How long are roof mats?

The roof mattting comes in a 10 metre roll. Each roll can be cut on site by a strong blade if needed. 

What is the strongest roof mat?

The strongest roof mat is the Vynagrip Anti Slip Matting. Each Vynagrip mat is 15mm thick and can provide a long-lasting rubber roof matting option.

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