Tacky Mats

What are tacky mats?

Tacky mats are sticky, layered plastic mats that trap dirt and debris when pedestrians walk over them. When the layer becomes soiled with too much dirt it can be peeled away to reveal a fresh new layer. Tack mats are used in the likes of cleanrooms and bio facilities to prevent dirt and contaminants from spreading.

Where to use tacky mats?

Tacky mats are used at bio facilities, food preparation rooms and cleanrooms. The tack mat prevents dirt and debris from spreading into dirt-sensitive environments. Ideally the mats need to be placed at all entrances points into the facility.

What are popular sticky mats?

One of the main options in our range are the Clean Step Tacky Mats. These highly durable mats use a pvc backing that allow the mat to be put in place with ease. The mat uses a 60 layer design that can be peeled off once the current layer becomes too grubby. These tacky mats are ideal for the likes of cleanrooms or bio areas where cleanliness is paramount to the area. If required the mats can be re-equipped with a whole new 60- layers sheets.

Another popular product is the First Step Tacky Mats. These mats work in the same fashion as the previous product. These tacky mats are also available in a blue or white design, suitable for matching to certain area types or blending in with floor designs. 

How often do cleanroom hygiene mats have to be changed?

Change the mat when you can see it is visibly dirty. How often tacky mats are changed depends on the area. The more foot traffic there is the more often tacky mats will have to be changed or replaced.