All Wall and Corner Protection

All Warehouse Crash Barriers

Rubber Floor Runners

Warehouse Railings

First Aid Kits

Safety Footwear

Rubbish Bins

Recycling Bins

Waste Bins

Towels & Tissues

Respiratory Protection

Fire Safety & Fire Extinguishers

Portwest Clothing

Cleaning Equipment

Security Boxes & Safes

Hand Soaps & Dispensers

Disposable/Rubber Gloves


Trolleys and Trucks

Safety Gloves

Ladders & Access

Head Protection

Safety Eyewear

Line Marking Paint - Thermoplastic

Outdoor Bench

Flower Beds and Planters


Bolts & Screws

Height Safety

Parking Permits - Signs

Notices & Labels

Custom Signs

Custom Signs Templates

Graffiti Prevention

Warehouse Floor Paint

Anti Slip Paint / Spray

Line Marking Floor Tape

Floor Tape Line Marking

Thermoplastic Line Marking Rolls

Road Line Marking Paint - Proline

Proline Car Park Line Marking Paint

Ampere Car Park Line Marking Paint

Road Line Marking Paint - Ampere

Athletic & Football Pitch Line Marking Paint - Ampere

All Football Pitch Line Marking Paint

Wheel Clamps


Skipper Retractable Tape

Economy Storage Boxes

Mid-Range Storage Boxes

Premium Storage Box

Pothole Repair Asphalt

All Raised Kerb Wheel Stops

Vehicle Moving Jacks - GOJAKS

Tarmac Paintbrush Line Marking Paint

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti Slip Metal Plates

All Impact Protection Foam

Road Marking Stencils

All Aerosol Stencil Kits

Hearing Protection


Column Protection Guards

Truck Wheel Clamps

Temporary Speed Bump

All Park It Rubber Wheel Stops

Anti-Slip Accessories

Picnic Tables and Garden Tables

Pothole Repair Tools

Design Your Own Sign

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Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment supply some of the most popular ranges of impact protection systems in the UK — including Impact Protection Foams, Warehouse Crash Barriers and Corner Protection Guards. These are available online with free delivery available through the UK mainland. Any information and specifications you need on our impact protection barriers can be found on our website. If you need any more information you can contact us on 020 3773 5397 or sales@pittmantraffic.co.uk