Poision Warning Symbol

Product Code: P-792850
Poision Warning Symbol(Product Code: P-792850)

The Poison warning symbol can be installed quick and easily and is available in rigid plastic or self adhesive vinyl. It is ideal for use in area that have a high level of toxins that may poison staff or visitors. This sign is yellow in colour, contains a black picture and is edged in black.

Size: 200x200mm

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Rigid Plastic (200x200mm) (792850)

ex VAT €10.36 incl VAT €12.54

Self Adhesive Vinyl (200x200mm) (792851)

ex VAT €4.39 incl VAT €5.31
Poision Warning Symbol
Poision Warning Symbol
Rigid Plastic (200x200mm) 12.54
Self Adhesive Vinyl (200x200mm) 5.31
5.31 to 12.54