Belt Joiner for belt posts

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Wall Hook (752641)
€24.48ex VAT
€30.11inc VAT
Allow 3 - 4 Weeks For Delivery
Belt Joiner for belt posts

Whatever your business, if you need to manage queues of any length or size, get a belt joiner for belt posts today to increase the effectiveness of your current queuing system. By managing your queuing system correctly, you will be able to fit more people into your business with greater comfort. Your clients will get the most benefit from this.

Whether you manage a hospital, a bank, a shop, or any other public space where queuing is required, the belt joiner for belt posts on salefrom Pittman will enable you to fit a queue to suit your needs and that of your clients.

That is why Pittman UK is proud to offer you the belt joiner for belt posts online today. This durable piece of kit is small, compact, and fits comfortably on queuing belts. In addition, you can use it to cordon off areas that are not accessible to the public, or areas that might be dangerous, such as areas where heavy machinery is used or to demarcate an area with a slippery floor. 

Purchase the belt joiner for belt posts in black and take advantage of its uses immediately. You no longer have to stress about managing the movement of clients inside your business with this handy and easy to use accessory.

So, don’t waste any more of your or your client’s time. Make use of all these useful features by buying your belt joiner for belt posts in the UK today and say goodbye to ineffective queues.