Benito Seguro Bike Bunker

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Ultra Secure Bike Storage for Urban Spaces

Delivery 5 - 6 Weeks From Order

  • Stores from 2 to 6 bicycles
  • Max dimensions 2.5m x 1.5m - half of car space
  • Full aluminium structure for long-lasting use
  • Locks via electronic rotary latch system
  • Resists up to 1000kg
  • Easy to lift to and from site for fast install
  • Integral bike hoop for easy bike storage
  • 12V power supply
  • Consumes less than 8Wh per day
  • 140W solar panel and 50Ah battery
  • Autonomous for up to 15 days without light
  • Opens via low energy Bluetooth app
  • Will not open if the user is not present
  • Double-layer encryption to prevent hacking
  • Must be authenticated against server in order to use
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Heavy Duty
Anti-Theft Device

The Benito Seguro Bike Bunker provides a modern bike storage solution for modern settings. The bike bunkers are ideal for public spaces where they can store 2 to 6 bikes. The aluminium design protects against harsh weather, especially in public settings like towns or cities. The maximum size design will fit into half a standard car parking space. The bunkers can be used instead of traditional bike shelters, where they can offer increased security and take up less room while doing so.

Easily install the bike bunker directly into place. The levelling system allows the bunker to be placed on uneven ground. The one-piece design allows it to be removed from the truck and installed directly on site. No civil works are required for the bunker - they are ready to use from the moment they are delivered.

The doors open easily via two gas springs on the doors. To open the bunker, users must use the dedicated Bluetooth app and be present around the area to access their bikes. The app and server technology includes double-layer encryption to boost safety and reduce the risk of hackers accessing the bunkers. All electronics are protected from water.

Each bike bunker operates via a 12V supply. They will consume less than 8Wh per day during use. They operate via a 140W solar panel and a 50Ah battery. Each bunker can operate autonomously for up to 15 days without access to sunlight.

The raised bottom helps to prevent the buildup of leaves and dirt on the inside of the bunker. This will also block the natural flow of water and help to keep the interior area clean and dry. The internal area includes security hoops for bike owners to easily lock their bikes in place. Boost bicycle security in urban towns and cities with a modern, stylish bike storage design.