JSP Roadbloc® Safety Barrier Water Filled

Style Price Quantity
White - Single Barrier (725373)
€69.00ex VAT
€84.87inc VAT
Red - Single Barrier (725372)
€69.00ex VAT
€84.87inc VAT
Filled with Water up to 18-20 Litres

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • 1M modular sections, 600mm tall, 500mm wide
  • Fitted with reflective tape for maximum visibility
  • Nestable design for easy storage or transport
  • Fill with water or sand to weigh down
  • Unfilled weight 6kg
  • Water Fill Capacity: 18 - 20 Litres
  • Filled weight approx 26kg
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Shatter resistant
Professional Use

Stocked in white and red - also available in blue to order.

Extensively trialled to ensure ultimate durability and practicality. Just eight units are needed to create a mini roundabout. Units can connect at up to 45 degree angle. Can be tilted at an angle, allowing you to cover uneven terrain.

1000mm long. 600mm tall. 500mm wide.


Mini Roundabout: Each barrier can swivel at its connection point up to 45 degrees to enable 8 systems to form a circle

Uneven Terrain: Each unit can be tilted at an angle whilst still connected making it ideal for use across uneven terrain.

Stability: Each unit contains a large threaded, water tight plug which facilitates easy filling and drainage of water rather than sand.

Visibility: Reflective strips are placed to site within a recessed area on each unit. There is also the option to add 1M high PVC barrier boards supported on 60mm diameter poles for increased visibility

Convenient: Each bloc features interlocking feet which allow the units to be stacked efficiently without the risk of the sliding apart, helping prevent pedestrian / worker accidents.

Materials: Made from Solathene PE, offering extended UV protection to help prevent fading.