Pittman™ 50mm Black Speed Bump Section

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The Economy Speed Ramp single black section is perfect for building your own speed bump or replacing flattened mid-sections on the Speed Ramp Complete Kit 50mm Economy

  • 500(L) x 350(W) x 50(H) mm
  • Synthetic rubber modular speed ramp mid-section
  • Easy installation - bolt down fast
  • Cats eye reflectors for high visibility
  • Includes intallation bolts
  • Suitable for use with cars and vans
  • Not suitable for long term use with HGVs
Easy Installation
Rated at 10mp/h

Our 50mm Speed Ramp Black Sections is used in conjunction with our 50mm Economy Speed Ramp Kits to replace sections which have been flattened. The rubber ramp fits perfectly against our other sections allowing you to economically upkeep your ramp. You simply take your damaged speed ramp up and drill the new section in to complete it again.

The Economy Speed Ramp is used for lighter traffic, such as cars and smaller vans. It’s ideal for estates, car parks and schools. For a heavy duty ramp to cater for trucks and other HGV’s we recommend the Premium 50mm Speed Ramp.

  •     Strong synthetic rubber for up to 2 years use under regular pressure (cars and vans)

  •     Cats Eyes embedded in the ramp for high visibility at night

  •     Washer built into the speed ramp for easy installation

You can also easily extend existing speed ramps if needs by removing the end cap and adding sections to the end of it. 4 x M16 Coach Screw & rawlplug sets are also needed for the ramp section, so remember to order them separately. Each Economy Speed Ramp section also has a 20 mm ø hole through the centre of it, allowing you to run a small cable through it if needs be. When constructing your ramp remember to leave a gap at both ends where water drainage and cyclists can still get through.

Product Specifications

  •    Fixings required as extra
  •    Colour: Black

  •    Length 500mm

  •    Width 350mm (distance you drive over)

  •    Height 50mm