Impact Protection Foam

Pittman have the Ireland's most comprehensive selection of impact protection foam systems. Quick and easy to install impact protection foam helps to prevent injury in the workplace from heads colliding into corners and sharp edges whilst also serving to keep vehicles free of damage. Foams come in a wide range of profiles ranging from Corner Protection Guards, ideal for use on tables, as well as foams for use on edging and shelving and around vulnerable pipes.

Easy to apply impact protection foals come in push-on, stick-on and magnetic forms for use in a variety of environments. Self-adhesive protectors can be permanently affixed to surfaces that are smooth, grease and dust-free. Magnetic profiles offer a simple solution for applying to areas that do not require a permanent solution, or to areas that require regular maintenance, for example routine cleaning or painting.

There are many hazards in the workplace and staff need to be protected from colliding with sharp corners and steel beams while vehicles also need to avoid causing costly damage when bumping into columns. Traffic-Line Impact Protection profiles are also used to protect pallet racking and at inaccessible areas and are supplied in highly visible black and yellow making potential hazards easy to identify.

Foams are generally available in black/yellow; however, protection foams can also be supplied in white for areas where discrete protection is required.

Foam profiles come in high quality moulded sections and are available in standard lengths of 1000 and 5000 mm sections and are ready to be cut to required size using a sharp blade. Manufactured from age-resistant polyurethane foam they are suitable for both internal and external use. Profiles stay flexible at a wide range of temperatures and can withstand ultra-violet light as well as being fire-resistant and safely CFC and silicon free.

Impact protection can be applied to external machinery, conveyors, columns, girders and transport routes as well as in production areas and shelving. Foam profiles include semi-circular, rectangular for column protection, trapeze, right-angled, as well as edge protectors and corner protectors. Corner protectors can be applied to tables – the tri-corner protectors can be affixed at the meeting of three edges to help avoid harmful bumps and knocks

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