Kerb Ramps

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6 Item(s)

Kerb Ramps

Pittman have the best selection of kerb ramps and wheelchair ramps available from stock - order now for fast delivery to site. Kerb ramps can be used to provide better accessibility on premises.

What are kerb ramps used for?

Kerb ramps are used to join lower roads or paths with higher ones. Kerb ramps allow wheelchairs, trolleys or prams to access paths easier. 

How to install kerb ramps?

Kerb ramps come in a loose lay format for easy install. In some cases kerb ramps can also be bolted down if required.

Maximum loading weight of kerb ramps?

what are kerb ramps?

What are kerb ramps made from?

Kerb ramps can be made from many materials including rubber, HDPE and LDPE.

What is the strongest kerb ramp?

The strongest kerb ramp is the Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp. This ramp is made from toughened rubber and supports to to 40 tonnes. The heavy duty kerb ramps are suitable for using with HGVs and trucks.

kerb ramps

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