Rubber Speed Bumps

29 Item(s)

29 Item(s)

Rubber Speed Bumps

At PITTMAN™ we have rubber speed bumps for every traffic situation – whether it’s a quiet residential close, a busy retail distribution centre or even a main thoroughfare. Traffic calming solutions are not a one size fits all – we have a big selection so you can be sure that the solution you choose from PITTMAN™ will last for years to come.

All of our modular speed bump systems come as mid-sections with end-caps for each end – all are designed to be bolted into asphalt, tarmac or concrete surfaces.

Why use rubber speed bumps?

Rubber speed bumps are extremely cost effective, easier to install and are harder wearing in comparison to concrete options. If parts of a rubber speed bump are damaged they are also much easier to replace.

why use rubber speed bumps?

Which speed bump is best?

The Speed Ramp Complete Kit 50mm Economy is an economy solution ideal for residential areas where there is only light traffic (cars) and the occasional delivery or bin truck. Areas where this speed bump is regularly used is schools, apartment complexes, private roadways even quiet single commercial units.

Our XPT-50 rubber speed ramps is our best-seller mainly because of its high quality and long life. Manufactured in the UK from recycled and virgin PVC this is our hardest wearing speed bump. It is perfect for use where there is a medium to high volume of HGV traffic so industrial estates, ports, busy retail parks and anywhere you need the longest lasting possible solution. It’s so tough we’ve moulded our name on it!

The GNR Easy Rider modular speed bumps are a unique system manufactured in Canada and held in stock in the UK by ourselves. Because the mid-sections are longer than regular speed bumps, at 1200mm and 1800mm lengths, there are less sections needed, less handling, less bolts and less time needed for installation. So if you need a super-fast install choose the Easy Rider.

We also stock the 75mm rubber speed bump, but these are extremely severe and can sometimes cause more problems than they solve! Only use where traffic is causing an increased risk to pedestrians e.g. where traffic drives directly up to or past a pedestrian entrance.

 rubber speed bumps