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5 Item(s)

Speed Cushion

What is a speed cushion?

A speed cushion is a modular traffic calming bump for public roads. The bump aims to slow vehicle traffic and reduce the risk of accidents. Speed cushions are commonly used in town and city-type areas.

Unlike speed bumps, speed cushions are longer from front to back and may not be as high. This won't reduce traffic speed as severely but will allow traffic to flow where needed. This makes them ideal for cities and towns where there is frequent emergency vehicle traffic.

Why use a speed cushion?

A speed cushion is used to slow traffic to a reasonable speed while allowing for a steady traffic flow. Use speed cushions to allow HGVs and emergency vehicles to proceed through without hindrance. A speed table will also serve a similar purpose but can also double as a pedestrian crossing in for larger environments.. 

rubber speed cushions

Why use a modular rubber speed cushion?

Use a modular rubber speed cushion because - 

  • They can slow vehicle traffic to approximately 30 mph
  • They are perfect for towns and cities
  • They are cost-effective in relation to concrete and tarmac options
  • They are easily replaced if damaged
  • They include integral hi-vis markings for safety

Made from 100% recycled rubber the XPT London Speed Cushion System provides excellent traffic calming. The highly durable design makes them ideal for city and town areas. 


what is a speed cushion?

Another excellent option is the XPT- Berlin Speed Cushion. The rubber design of the cushion is UV resistant and perfect for long term use. The non-slip surface conforms to European SRT48 standards and is ideal for all vehicle types.


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