Speed Table

Are you looking for Speed Tables? Then you have come to the right place. Speed Hump Black/ Yellow Safety Sign is a highly visible diamond shaped speed hump safety sign, perfect for warning motorists in regards to speed humps that may be in the area. It is fitted with a diamond shaped format and is made from tough aluminium and fitted with channels at the back. The speed hump sign comes with clips for mounting the sign directly to most standard 76mm poles. It is engineering grade reflective – and is perfect for outside environments. It is resistant to all kinds of weathering and will provide use for many years. The Speed Hump Safety sign is a very simple and effective product, ideal for use in many kind of areas including housing, estates and car parks. This highly visible sign displays a very easy to see speed hump symbol that helps to warn drivers that there are speed humps installed in the area - thus urging motorists to take care when driving in the area as well as reducing their speed. Next on the list is Complete Speed Cushion Kit, it is a very durable speed cushion that is ideal for heavy traffic use. It is suitable for buses, trucks and HGVs. It can reduce the traffic speed to approximately 20mph. It is ideal to be used on straight roads, comes with all fittings included. It is made entirely from recycled rubber materials. Painted with highly visible markings ensuring they can be seen at all times. This makes the cushion kit ideal for playschools, schools, drop-off areas, industrial estates, nursing homes and many other kinds of spaces. This and such products are available at Pittman’s traffic and safety equipment website.