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12 Item(s)

Cable & Hose Protection

Cable Protectors

7 good reasons to choose PITTMAN™ cable protectors:

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  3. Unbeatable online prices
  4. A 30-day no-quibble returns policy
  5. Biggest range of cable protection ramps in Ireland
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  7. Reassurance of buying from a trusted supplier, currently celebrating 50 years in business (2016)

Cable Protectors are designed to prevent pedestrians from tripping while simultaneously protecting cables, hoses and wires from impact.

When deciding on the right cable protector for your needs bear these things in mind: Do you need a temporary or semi-permanent solution? What diameter of cable are you using and how long? Is the area frequented by just pedestrians or will cars and trucks also be present? Will a large number of trucks or HGVs make up traffic? Will the area be unattended at any time e.g. at night or at weekends?

If you are deploying cable in light-duty indoor areas it’s recommended you select a lightweight protector – the GHP Cable Tidy is ideally suited for light pedestrian traffic, and is also perfect for use as a temporary or semi-permanent basis in office spaces.

In areas where HGVs or up to 44 tonne trucks make up the traffic then the HR2 Hose Ramp makes an ideal choice. Popular with fire crews, water utilities and dairy trucks, the HR3 Hose Ramp has the capacity to enclose two 3” hoses, and can be deployed quickly.

The Multiple Hose/Cable Protector makes a perfect permanent solution as does the Easy Rider Speed Bump. The Easy Rider features two 30 mm channels on the underside which, when bolted down protect hoses from all traffic. The protector can also be left unattended even for long periods of time.

Whatever your cable protector requirements PITTMAN™ are here to help you choose the ideal solution. Call us today on 01 5312777 and we’ll help you find the ideal hazard prevention solution.

Our expert says: "Using Cable and Hose Protection Ramps is essential for ensuring maximum safety and protection of important wires, cable and hoses. By using these cable protection ramps and cable protection speed ramps it allows the customer to protect both motorists and pedestrians that may be at risk to trip hazards, while they also help to protect important wires, cables or hoses that may normally be exposed to damage from impact. Here at Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment we have an excellent range of cable protection ramps and hose protection ramps, ideal for both permanent and temporary use.

If you require something intended for heavy duty purposes Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment can also supply the HR2 Cable Protection Ramp. These larger cable protection ramps are much sturdier and provide an excellent cable protection ramp that is suitable for most kinds of vehicle traffic, including HGV's and other large vehicles. The tough rubber compound that these cable protection ramps are made from ensures that cable and wires are fully protected at all times while vehicles move over the ramps. These cable protection ramps are also suitable for temporary or permanent use, with an option for bolting them into the ground if ultimately required.

For larger hoses or cables one of our most popular options is the HR3 Hose/Cable Protection Ramp, ideal for using in most environments where they can protect larger cables and hoses from frequent HGV activity. Each HR3 hose protection ramp comes with 2 x 76mm channels which allows the customer to easily insert large cables where they can be protected from vehicle traffic, especially HGVs. Each HR3 hose protection ramp can be attached end on end with other HR3 ramps using the provided "dog-bone" connectors, allowing the customers to create longer hose protection ramps. These hose protection ramps not only protect important cables and hoses, they also urge drivers to slow down when in the particular area.

Another popular cable protection option is the GNR Easy Rider Speed Ramp. These speed ramps sections come equipped with 2 x 31mm channels that run on the underside, allowing the customer to create an excellent speed ramp that can help to reduce the speed of motorists in the area, while also providing an excellent cable protection option. These highly visible sections can be installed quickly and easily into the ground, with excellent resistance to wear and tear. At Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment we can provide excellent cable protection ramps and hose protection ramps, ideal for using in both indoor and outdoor environments"