Portable Speed Ramps

Portable Speed Ramps are useful for event management where you need to install temporary ramps quickly and easily. Also suited to road works and maintenace, portable speed ramps just roll out for immediate use. Installed and taken away in minutes, they are extremely usually in busy environments where pedestrian traffic and increase and decrease quickly. With the ability to just lay them out where you need them these portable speed ramps are perfect for many kinds of areas and offer excellent solutions when it comes to storage. The Portable Speed Rampand pedestrian walkways are perfect for events such as festivals or concerts where they only required for a short period of time. Once finished with these portable ramps can be picked up and put in the back of vans for easy transportation. Each portable ramp is 3 metres in length and provides an excellent traffic calming measure, while the chevron design ensures maxiumum visibility at all times. Also available from us here at Pittman Traffic are the Cable Protectors for Pedestrian Traffic. These excellent walkway systems are perfect for providing pedestrians with a means for crossing over pipes, cables or wires that may be exposed or out in the open. Portable ramps such as this are ideal for using at concerts, festivals and other similar events where organisers need a quick and easy means of reducing speeds in the premises. The sections of the ramp fold out in a simple manner and are light enough to be picked up and stowed away when not needed. There is no need for fixings or any kind of bolts - these portable speed ramps are perfect for temporary use and can be placed straight onto a flat surface without a need for a handyman to install it. The integrated chevron design in the ramp also provides extra levels of grip and stability for cars when they pass over it. When not in use they fold up easily and can fit in a car boot or back of a van, needing minimal storage space. At Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipmentwe have many kinds of speed ramps to choose from - for more information regarding any of our portable ramps and pedestrian walkways please feel free to contact us at any time.