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Spill Control

Spill control products should be kept on site at all times. Having spill control at the ready allows for quick and easy containment of every day spills. There are numerous types of products available depending on the liquid involved in your spill. 

Spill containment helps to reduce the risk of on site accidents and increase overall safety. It can also assist with reducing the risk of damage to infrastructure, especially in the case of aggressive acids and alkalis.

Pittman™ stock an extensive range of spill control products to cater for all types of spillages, from oil and chemical to bodily fluid and motor spills. Our Spill Kits are designed to be easily accessible and portable in the event of a spillage situation. Kits come in shoulder bags, holdalls and wheelie-bins and are suitable for dealing with all manner of hazardous spills including acids and alkalis.

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Our Spill Kit Wheeled Bins are ideal for addressing aggressive and hazardous liquid spills. This fully mobile kit offers highly effective clean up, and during clear-up our Spill Kit Barrier Tape can be used to effectively seal off hazardous areas,

Spill absorbents including chemical cushions and maintenance socks can help you deal with a variety of spill types.. The Spilkleen and Spilchoice products can be used for cleaning up spillages and leaks both of an everyday variety as well as for spills of chemicals, oils and hazardous liquids.

Absorbents come in a variety of formats from pads, rolls, socks and cushions which are suitable for a large variety of situations and sizes of spillage. We also stock absorbent granules which are ideal for mopping up general spills as well as those caused by oils and fuels.

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Secondary spill containment items help in protecting the surrounding environment, the public and staff from hazardous spillages. These can be used both inside and outside. Our dispensing drum handling products make transporting and dispensing of liquids from drums safe and efficient. Made from tough polyethylene products comply with stringent oil storage regulations. We also stock a further range of secondary containment products including poly cabinets and catchment trays.

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Drain protection covers prevent spills from escaping through drains and polluting any connected water sources. Tough and resilient Neorugs offer a cost-effective option for drain protection. Made from neoprene these are resistant to water, oil and the majority of chemicals. Drain Gully socks are highly absorbent socks that can absorb oils, and fit into the chambers of drains, providing a pre-emptive approach to environmental protection.

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