Spill Absorbent

Absorb Water, Chemical or Oil Spills Fast For Safe and Easy Disposal

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28 Item(s)

Spill Absorbent

Are  you searching for spill absorbent materials? Then you have come to the right place. Spilkleen Chemical Spill Mate can be used as a roll on walkaways or as individually torn-off pads. It is heavy weight and melt blown for increased absorbency. It is ultrasonically bonded for increased strength. The material has a dimpled design for increased absorption. It is ideal to be used indoors on most oil and water based liquids. Measuring 0.3 metres in width allows the version to be adopted for a number of different applications such as being used as a walkway, or as individual pads that can be torn along into long strips and located next to machines that have a tendency to leak and spray.

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Next on the list is Spill Mates Spill Pads, it is a single spun double bonded layer gives excellent tensile strength. It is suitable for use in lint-free environments. It is perforated for economical usage. It is ideal for outdoor use for aggressive and non-aggressive chemicals. It is ultrasonically bonded pad that delivers an absorbency rate of 0.4litres per pad and are designed to absorb a wide range of aggressive and non-aggressive chemicals. Next on the list is Spilkleen loose Absorbent granules , they are heavyweight clay based granule that doesn’t mud upon contact with liquids and are ideal for use  outside and on uneven surfaces. They provide efficient clean up of oil, fuel and water based liquids while remaining granular even when saturated. After use they leave a clean and residue free surface and a by-product that is environmentally acceptable. This and such other products are available on Pittman’s traffic and safety equipment website.

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