Black Bull Warehouse Guards

Protect Warehouse Assets with Black Bull Warehouse Guards

27 Item(s)

27 Item(s)

Black Bull Warehouse Guards

The Black Bull Warehouse Guards range provides excellent protection to both employees and infrastructure. The tough design of the Black Bull range makes them ideal for long term use. Install Black Bull guards for instant peace of mind in warehouses.

Why use Black Bull Warehouse Guards?

Black Bull Warehouse Guards can help to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. By installing the guards on site you can protect employees from work vehicles. They can also be used to protect machinery from impact damage.  

The Black Bull Warehouse range comes with 

  • Full steel construction - highly durable, long-lasting design
  • Fully welded joints and baseplate - not tack welded like cheaper brands
  • Superb powder coating - highly visible at all times 
  • Various lenghts and sizes to choose from 
  • Options for both indoor and outdoor areas

why use black bull warehouse guards?

What are the best warehouse guards?

Where to install warehouse guards?

Install Black Bull warehouse guards in areas where there is an immediate danger to employees. Once in place the protection guards will reduce the risk of impact from work vehicles. The guards will also protect nearby machinery or equipment from impact damage.

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