Metal Corner Protectors

Protect Warehouse Assets from Damage with Metal Corner Protectors

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5 Item(s)

Metal Corner Protectors

Metal Corner Protectors can offer excellent protection to assets. By having the corner protectors in place you can reduce the risk of damage to infrastructure. They are typically installed alongside machinery, columns, pillars and more.

Why use a metal corner protector?

Use a metal corner protector to protect key assets and infrastructure from damage. Once installed they can reduce the risk of damage and costly repairs. Aside from metal, corner protection is also available in other materials. Use metal corner protectors because - 

  • They are stronger than plastic and rubber counterparts
  • More effective for protecting against impacting work vehicles 
  • They are highly durable and more cost effective for long term use
  • They are ideal for warehouses, freight depots, storage facilities and more
  • They are easy to install directly into the area required

metal corner protectors

Where to install metal corner protectors?

Metal corner protectors should be installed next to key infrastructure and machinery. By being installed directtly next to the assets they can reduce the risk of damage. Corner protectors aim to reduce costly repairs and give assets a longer life.

The Defender Right Angle Pallet Rack Protection comes in a hot-dip galvanised steel design for long lasting protection. Each unit can be installed quickly on site and reduce the risk of damage to pallet racking and columns or pillars.  

For heavy duty protection against forklifts and pallet trucks the Slow Stop Rebounding Protection Guard can provide excellent assistance. The guards are made from highly durable steel posts with rubber springs. These springs allow the posts to bend on impact and reduce the risk of damage during impact. 

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