Drainpipe Protector

Use a Pittman Drainpipe Protector to deter nearby pedestrians, vehicles users and more from damaging important pipes or tubes. Installing a drainpipe protector is quick and easy and can help to prevent nearby vehicles from damaging key pipes that are exposed to damage from nearby vehicles or implements. 

How does a Drainpipe Protector work?

Drainpipe protectors can be installed directly into the ground at the base of the pipe itself where it meets the ground. Once installed these protectors will protect the pipe from impacts at ground level, suitable for busy maintenance yards or facilities areas where access may still be needed to these pipes. Each unit will surround or cover a pipe and will protect particular sections of the pipe or pipes in their entirety where necessary. If impact occurs the pipes in the interior will be protected while the units will bear the brunt of the impact.

Our drainpipe protectors are available in plain galvanised or in powder coated yellow and will provide long lasting protection to important assets where you need them most. Each unit is equipped with 4 fixing points that allow for quick and easy installation directly to site.