Park It Rubber Wheel Stops

Insist on Park It Rubber Wheel Stops - the original and the best!

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8 Item(s)

Park It Rubber Wheel Stops

At PITTMAN were very proud to be the official UK distributor for GNR including their pioneering range of rubber wheel stops – the PARK IT. This range of rubber parking kerbs give unbeatable safety, reliability and will really boost your car park security.

Remember all of our Park It rubber wheel stops are original GNR products - Beware of non-original copy wheel stops from other suppliers!

7 Advantages of our original GNR Park It over copies:

  • The Park It markings (yellow or white) are MOULDED in at time of manufacture and won’t come off, unlike copies whose markings are just self-adhesive and will come off in time.
  • The Park It markings are REFLECTIVE – most copies don’t offer this added safety feature
  • The GNR Park It comes with a unrivalled 3 YEAR GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects – with a 1 year guarantee on the markings.
  • The Park it is manufactured from RECYCLED tyres – so their manufacture has had minimum possible effect on the environment.
  • PRECISE MOULDING mean the dimensions on our spec sheet are accurate, therefore no snags when installing.
  • GNR Park It is QUALITY TESTED to various ASTM standards (look at the spec sheet here)
  • Park It is available in a range of COLOURS and SIZES to best suit your car park requirements.

The Park It Wheel Stops come in 1800mm long as standard but also available are the Park It Wheel Stop 1200mm and Park It Wheel Stop 900mm

At PITTMAN we import Park It parking kerbs and wheel stoppers directly from the manufacturer GNR into our depot at Coleshill so we have large stocks ready for collection or next working day delivery.

PITTMAN are the UK experts on the GNR Park IT so call us on 020 3775 5397 for any queries or advice on installation. We have experience of installation into various different surfaces: asphalt, concrete, tarmac and even several types of cobble block and paving.

park it rubber wheel stops

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