Plastic Wheel Stops

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4 Item(s)

Plastic Wheel Stops

Plastic Wheel Stops are an excellent alternative to concrete kerbs. The highly durable plastic material provides a long lasting parking stop for many types of outdoor environments. Easy to install, plastic wheel stops are ideal for level surfaces.

Why use plastic wheel stops?

Plastic wheel stops are extremely tough when used with cars. There are many key benefits to installing plastic wheel stops.

  • Much more durable than concrete wheel stops
  • Easily replaced if damaged
  • Cost-effective
  • Does not chip, crack or rot
  • Suitable for cars and light commercial vehicles

The Parker 1100 Wheel Stop provides an excellent kerb option for an outdoor area. The high quality HDPE design can provide parking options for years to come. The shorter 1100mm length allows you to cover spaces where 1800mm stops will not suffice.

why use plastic wheel stops?

How to install plastic wheel stops?

Install plastic wheel stops in 4 easy steps - 

1. Measure your space and ensure you have the right wheel stops size

2. Mark the holes for the wheel stop using a drillbit

3. Remove the stop and drill the holes using the recommended drillbit size

4. Reinstate the wheel stops and tighten the fixings into position 

Rubber wheel stops or plastic wheel stops?

Rubber wheel stops and plastic wheel stops are excellent options when you need a highly durable parking kerb. 

Rubber - semi-flexible, can conform to slightly unven surfaces on  install

Plastic - will not splinter or crack upon use. Lighter for easy transport and install.

plastic wheel stops

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