XPT Wheel Stops

XPT Wheel Stop

XPT Wheel Stops - Bulk Discounts, Fast Delivery. Exclusive At Pittman.

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3 Item(s)

XPT Wheel Stops

XPT Wheel Stops provide the best quality wheel stop available on the market - made from 100% recycled rubber they will prove to be much more durable over time when compared to cheaper brands. At Pittman we have the best wheel stops range suited to bringing you the kerb option you need for your project. 

Why choose XPT wheel stops?

Choose XPT wheel stops for better, longer-lasting rubber kerbs that will provide car parking solutions for years to come. Each XPT rubber stop is made from 100% recycled rubber, perfect against general wear and tear and helping to maintain that professional look at all times. 

The XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm Yellow is our most popular option in our wheel stops range and can be bolted down into the ground with great ease. Each rubber kerb comes with it's own set of universal fixings that are suitable for installing into concrete or tarmac. 

Are the wheel stops reflective?

The wheel stops are reflective - each unit is fitted with 4 reflective markings on each side with single markings located on either end for high visibiltity at all times.  These 10 markings in total are moulded onto the kerb for better durability and will prove to be better than cheaper models with ashesive backed reflective markings. 

How are wheel stops installed?

The wheel stops are installed by first drilling a pilot hole for the four fixings points on the kerb and then tightening the screws into place using the correct tools. It takes approximately 30 minutes to install one kerb.

For an alternative to the yellow kerb try installing our XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm White - the same excellent quality kerb with white markings.

XPT Wheel Stops

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