Pitch Line Marking Paint

If you’re a sports enthusiast and want to mark the field for rugby and football pitches, then quick drying pitch paint is perfect for the occasion. The paint has no damaging effect on the grass and is an improved version compared to the traditional line marking pitch paints and is safer for sports players as it is less harsh than lime based paints. The paint is designed in a way to ensure consistent bounce on the pitch throughout. The paint aerosol can cover approximately 1200m with 12 cans from a box. Each can covers 100m of football line markers. The paint allows you to quickly mark any rugby or soccer pitch and is made from the paint specialists Ampere, who provide quality paints to clubs. The paint takes 15-20 minutes to dry, hence you can use the pitch the same day you painted it. Mixing of the paint is not required, shake the aerosol bottle until you hear the ball rattle, shake for another10 seconds and start using it.   

For best results the paint need to be used along with Sports striper pitch line marking kit. This machine makes clear and easy lines that can be seen on sports pitches thanks to the Sports striper pitch line marking kit from Pittman. A clearly marked pitch is essential for playing games like football or field hockey to name a few. When the machine is bought you receive 12 cans of 500ml line marking paint included in the purchase.        

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