No Parking Stickers

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6 Item(s)

No Parking Stickers

No Parking Stickers offer an excellent means of deterring drivers from repeatedly parking illegally. These stickers can be applied to car windscreens with great ease. Choose from up to 5 different no parking sticker types to deliver a powerful message to illegally parked drivers.

When to use no parking stickers?

Use no parking stickers on private premises to deter illegal car parking. Applying the stickers to car windows sends a clear message to illegally parked vehicles. The adhesive used on the stickers makes them difficult to remove and will make offenders think twice before illegally parking again.

Parking stickers can be used along with wheel clamps and signage to warn offending motorists of their actions.

Are no parking stickers hard to remove?

The No Parking Stickers are very heard to remove. The extreme adhesive ensures they will not be removed in a hurry. The windscreen stickers can be removed using an acetone, such as nail varnish remover.

How to apply parking stickers?

1) Clean the windscreen to rid it of dust and debris

2) Peel the sticker from the roll

3) Apply directly to the driver windscreen to ensure visibility

4) Smooth out the sticker as much as possible

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