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Choose ZICLA® to boost Irish streetscapes. All products are made from recycled materials with minimal environmental impact. The Zebra® | Zero Bicycle Lane Separator and Zipper® | Zero Traffic Lane Separators will effectively segregate public cycle lanes. The Vectorial® system can resolve conflicts between cycle routes and bus stops, with a modular design for fast install. Call our experts on 01 531 2777 or email [email protected] fast quotations.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)


The ZICLA® range provides an excellent boost to local streetscapes across Ireland. The ZICLA products have been designed to aid cyclists and pedestrians and to boost safety and accessibility on streetscapes. Choose from the range of planters, cycle lane separators and the unique Vectorial® system to create safer traffic and walking in towns, cities and more.

The ZICLA® range is made entirely from recycled materials. Each product has been crafted from waste materials to form new, sustainable setups across the UK and Europe, which means minimal environmental impact, with excellent resistance against weathering and vehicle impacts. In addition, the system's modular design also allows for fast installation and transformations of urban areas.

ZICLA Zipper Street Layout

The Zebra® | Zero bicycle lane separator and Zipper® system will segregate bicycle and vehicle traffic, helping to protect cyclists on active travel routes. The modular design means fast installation with minimal interruptions on public roads. The Zebra® | Planters can also segregate traffic while boosting local colour in the area.

The unique Vectorial® system aims to resolve conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists. The modular platform can boost accessibility at bus stops and improve pedestrian safety. The Vectorial® can be configured in almost any way you need - plenty of custom setups are available. Over 730 accessible bus stops have been created worldwide with ZICLA®.

Why choose ZICLA®?

• Products made for cities - the full ZICLA® range has been made for urban settings. Their robust nature offers a long service life with minimal maintenance required over time. The products have been installed in over 314 cities across 20 countries.

• Minimal interruption - The modular design of ZICLA® products means fast installation. This helps with reducing downtime on public roads, boosting project finish times.

• Fully recycled - each product has been made with the environmental impact in mind. All items are made from fully recycled materials, creating a sustainable system for British streetscapes. Recycled plastic is also much more cost-effective than other materials. To date, ZICLA® have used over 4026 tonnes of recycled waste between 2009 and 2021.

• Tailored for your project - get expert advice on custom layouts for you

Using ZICLA Zebra® cycle lane separators for effective lane segregation

The Zebra® | Zero cycle lane separators offer one of the safest and most effective segregation options for UK roads. The cycle lane separators can delineate cycle lanes on active travel routes. This can also reduce the risk of harm to cyclists.

The surface of the separators are 40% covered in retroreflective material, boosting visibility day and night.

The Zebra® | Zero cycle lane separators can -

• Adapt to any surface

• Boost visibility with 40% surface retroreflective

• Reduce environmental impact

• Reduce maintenance and care

• Reduce installation times on public projects

• Reduce overall project costs

Boost bus stop accessibility with the Vectorial® system by ZICLA.

The Vectorial® system is a unique modular platform that aims to reduce the conflict between cycle routes and bus stops. The platform comes in modular designs for easy custom setups for your project.

The Vectorial® works by extending current footpaths or building new islands or refuges for pedestrians to safely get on approaching buses or coaches. The platforms can also be used with cycle lanes, with ramps available to allow cyclists to stay on the same route without interruption.

The Vectorial® system is entirely customisable. Complete custom setups can cater to almost any streetscape or design. The modular sections are easy to install and can be equipped with custom colours, bollards, reflective markings, and canopies.

The Vectorial® system can also be used to extend footpaths for local businesses. This allows shopfronts to have more outdoor seating, set up additional stalls etc., to boost footfall.

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