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10 Item(s)

Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards – choosing the right post

Removable Bollards Posts

Removable Bollards and Posts are used to block off areas from public access, but can be removed temporarily to allow access maybe for service vehicles, bin trucks or delivery vans. Removable Posts are also used to protect car parking spaces for employees in office car parks, or also for protecting vehicles in driveways to boost security.

Why a removable bollard instead of a Fold-down Bollard?

Fold-down bollards are widely used and are ideal in many situations – however they can present a trip hazard if left folded flat on the ground e.g. removable posts are ideal for protecting entrances whereas fold-down post if left down during opening hours would present a possible trip hazards to pedestrians.

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Which are Pittmans best-selling Removable Bollards?

For driveway security: The BudgetBollard Driveway Parking Post – this entry level model comes with a discuss padlock, an integral socket flap and is very affordable.

For entrances: The Autobhan Removable Steel Post – at 900mm tall and three red reflective bands this post is highly visible and comes with an integral lock at the top of the bollard. Alternatively the Autobahn RX7 Removable Bollard comes with a hasp for padlock use instead of an integral euro profile cylinder.

When style is important: The Street Stainless Steel Removable Bollard is sleek and aesthetically pleasing – perfect for high profile properties and is 316 grade stainless steel.

For ultimate durability: choose the Gorilla Post Removable Bollard which is really simple just screw out of the ground socket for access.


Remember the PITTMAN team are just a phone call away on 01 531 2777 so get in touch for any help with choosing the best bollard for your next project.

how easy is it to remove removable bollards?

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