Brian Berry Construction

"Many thanks to everyone in Pittman® for their help on this project. We were delighted to be able to deal with a local Irish company on an important project such as this.

We collected the XPT-50 Speed Bumps and Flexbrite Flexible Bollards from Pittman's® stock on the same day we called - terrific service, everything was ready for us when our van arrived.

Our client was extremely happy at how the Speed Bumps and Bollards looked after install. Pittman® supplied all the fixings and bolts - we had everything we needed to get the job done that day.

Our client has already mentioned how well the speed bumps are working. Cars are coming through their main entrance much slower than before and will surely help to protect pedestrians and other drivers in the area.

We look forward to working with Pittman® on our next project! Thanks again for all your help!"

Brian Berry Construction

Killadooley Childcare

"I would like to thank Michael Cooke and his team from Pittman® for providing our speed ramps and Flexbrite® bollards during the summer.

This has greatly improved the safety for everyone driving in and out of the creche and most importantly for our afterschool children crossing to and from the school."

Mary Ellen, Manager, Killadooley Childcare


“Supermac's® employ over 3,000 staff nationwide. Based in the Barack Obama Plaza I have been Operations Manager with Supermac’s® for just over 4 years.

I first found out about Pittman® when I was put in contact by those working in Supermac’s HQ. Supermac’s have been dealing with Pittman® for safety & crowd control equipment for many years.

We decided to go with logo matting for both presentation and crowd control. Placed in separate lines in front of the sales counter, the logo mats proved successful in directing customers to separate queuing lines.

Management have commented on the organisation at our branch and have replicated this design at the Galway Plaza.

We found the quality of the matting to be 100%, easy to clean and maintain. Our matting has always experienced heavy footfall ever since day one, we couldn’t be happier with how it has taken it.

Everything was simple and easy with Pittman®. Once the design work was signed off on by ourselves, the turnaround was one week.”

Henry Healy, Operations Manager, Supermac's®

Tullamore Credit Union

“I first discovered Pittman® in 2015 when searching on Google for Queue Management Systems. We chose the Pittman Stainless Steel Retractable Belt Barrier System.

The product served its purpose by sign posting the public on where to form a queue.

The overall professional appearance it added to the inside of our building was also a big plus. We had absolutely no issue with the order process - it
was quick & easy!"

Naomi Masterson, Operations Manager, Tullamore Credit Union

Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon

"Consider Pittman® as they have a good range of safety product for traffic management & safety in hotel carparks

Having dealt with Pittman® for several years now they certainly deliver appropriate solutions for our Hotel facility and car park.

I have chosen Pittman® to help on several projects because they offer confidence in product and comfort in redress if required, which we've never needed!"

Joseph Dolan, Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon