MKII HGV Wheel Stop

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The Toughest Wheel Stop for HGV Loading Bays

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  • 1000(L) x 300(W) x 150(H) mm
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Heavy-duty long-lasting design
  • Moulded yellow markings for high visibility
  • Gripped surface to reduce risk of stranded vehicles
  • Shorter side (no markings) - where truck wheels will rest
  • Longer side (with markings) - rear of wheel stop
  • Includes 5no 145 x 10mm coachscrews with rawlplugs
  • Fast installation directly into the ground
  • Requires one wheel stop per wheel

Note: These wheel stops are not suitable for use as speed bumps

Bolts included
Heavy Duty
High Visibility
Easy Installation
Bolt Down

Product specifications:

  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 150mm
  • Material: 100% recycled rubber

The MKII HGV Wheel Stop is designed to bring lorries and trucks to a halt within a loading bay. These HGV wheel stops protect nearby equipment and assets while also significantly mitigating the risk of vehicle collisions in the area. Install in loading bays and freight depots where there is frequent truck loading and unloading.

Made for robust, heavy-duty usage, each wheel stop is constructed from 100% recycled rubber, ensuring it can endure regular use with large trucks. Two wheel stops are required for each parking bay, with one dedicated to each vehicle wheel.

These wheel stops feature moulded yellow markings that are resistant to wear and tear, unlike less durable adhesive alternatives. The highly visible markings are designed to grab the attention of truck drivers, enhancing their awareness of the wheel stops and providing safer truck parking.

The rear side of the wheel stops is ribbed and provides improved grip for tires. In the event that a vehicle drives over the wheel stops, drivers can easily reverse without difficulty. This reduces the risk of trucks and trailers becoming 'stranded' and unusable.

Each wheel stop comes with five fixings points and five 145 x 10mm coachscrew and rawlplugs sets. They can be easily installed directly into concrete or tarmac. When installing, be sure to face the short side towards the truck wheel. The longer side is the rear of the wheel stop and should face away from the wheel. The longer side is easily identified by by the gripped markings.