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See the full range of steel and plastic crowd barriers delivered fast. Boost safety at public events, concerts and festivals with unrivalled quality for repeat use. Full steel designs allow for quick deployment to site with easy transport and storage. Call us on 01 531 2777 or email for expert advice.

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Eco 2.3m Crowd Control BarrierEco 2.3m Crowd Control Barrier
Pittman® Eco 2.3m Crowd Control Barrier
Sale price€69.50ex VAT
Crowd Pedestrian Barrier - UltimoCrowd Pedestrian Barrier - Ultimo
Pittman® Crowd Pedestrian Barrier - Ultimo
Sale price€129.50ex VAT
JSP Navigator® Safety BarrierJSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
JSP JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
Sale priceFrom €69.00ex VAT
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QueueMaster Retractable Belt BarrierQueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Queue Solutions QueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €56.50ex VAT
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Police Eco Crowd Control Barriers
Autobahn Police Eco Crowd Control Barriers
Sale price€6,592.00ex VAT
Police Crowd Control Barriers
Autobahn Police Crowd Control Barriers
Sale price€3,125.00ex VAT
MultiMax™ Chain PostsMultiMax™ Chain Posts
Pittman® MultiMax™ Chain Posts
Sale price€199.00ex VAT
MegaMax Chain Post SetMegaMax Chain Post Set
Pittman® MegaMax Chain Post Set
Sale price€269.00ex VAT
WeatherMaster Retractable Belt BarrierWeatherMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Queue Solutions WeatherMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale price€72.00ex VAT
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Steel Expandable BarrierSteel Expandable Barrier
Pittman® Steel Expandable Barrier
Sale price€129.50ex VAT
JSP Roadbloc® Safety Barrier Water FilledJSP Roadbloc® Safety Barrier Water Filled
JSP JSP Roadbloc® Safety Barrier Water Filled
Sale price€69.00ex VAT
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Orange Mesh for Fence Panels
Pittman® Orange Barrier Mesh
Sale price€29.50ex VAT
Armorgard Barricade BAR1 ExampleArmorgard Barricade BAR1 On Site
Armorgard Armorgard Barricade™
Sale price€315.00ex VAT
Terminal Expandable BarrierTerminal Expandable Barrier
Pittman® Terminal Expandable Barrier
Sale price€99.50ex VAT
Zeus Plastic Barrier 2M
Pittman® Plastic Pedestrian Barrier - Chapter 8
Sale price€79.50ex VAT
Colour Choice Bollard comes with Eyelets as standard
Autobahn Colour Choice Fixed Bollard
Sale price€79.50ex VAT
JSP Titan® Safety BarrierJSP Titan® Safety Barrier
JSP JSP Titan® Safety Barrier
JSP Titan® Expanding BarrierJSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
JSP JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
Sale price€199.50ex VAT
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Trench Bridge - Wooden
Pittman® Trench Bridge - Wooden
Ultra Expandable BarrierUltra Portable Barrier
Pittman® Ultra Portable Barrier
Sale price€149.50ex VAT
Armorgard Instagate IG4 Opened OutArmorgard Instagate Warehouse Management
Armorgard Armorgard Instagate™
Sale priceFrom €1,085.00ex VAT
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JSP Alphabloc® Water Filled BarrierJSP Alphabloc® Water Filled Barrier
Clearance 64% off
JSP JSP Alphabloc® Water Filled Barrier
Sale priceFrom €20.00 Regular price€55.50ex VAT
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Guarda Chain Post SetGuarda Chain Post Set
Moravia Guarda Chain Post Set
Sale priceFrom €102.00ex VAT
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Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Post - 2.5 MetreWall Mounted Retractable Belt Post - 2.5 Metre
Moravia Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Post - 2.5 Metre
Sale priceFrom €72.24ex VAT
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What are Crowd Control Barriers used for?    

Crowd control barriers are used to guide pedestrians at events, prevent unauthorised access and boost safety for large crowds.

Crowd barriers are generally made from steel and will link together to easily cover large distances. Their stackable nature also means they can be easily stored and transported to and from site. Steel crowd barriers are highly suited to public events like concerts or festivals. Plastic crowd barriers are often used for roadworks.

crowd barriers
event barriers

One of our most popular crowd barrier options is the 2.3m Eco Crowd Control Barriers - these highly durable steel pedestrian barriers are perfect for the likes of events where they can help to keep crowds behind a particular area. Each barrier can be hooked onto another unit with great ease, alllowing you to install the barriers fast.

Often used for the Utilities and Maintenance sectors are our range of portable barriers which boost safety for pedestrians around utility cuts, lift shafts, wet floors and areas being cleaned. Personnel need lightweight yet strong and high visibility barriers which can be quickly deployed and then folded up for ease of carrying when the job is done: have a look at our Mega Max Chain Post set which cordons off up to 25M with ultra high-vis reflective posts. These posts offer an excellent crowd control barrier feature and can be installed in seconds.

We also specialise in a chain lengths, in both plastic and steel. Plastic chain is of course lightweight and comes in various colours including red/white, white and black/yellow. Steel chain is heavier and stronger and more suited to public street areas. We have a selection of chain links also which allow you to securely attach the chain to bollards, eyelets and machinery. For more temporary use consider using our plastic barrier tape which is commonly used in conjunction with cones, timber stakes and in other ad-hoc situations.

Other popular options are our Ultra Expandable Crowd Barrier and the Terminal Expandable Barrier both ideal for any maintenance crew and can be tidily and securely folded down for transport to the next job.

crowd control fencing
Crowd Control Barriers FAQ

Use crowd control barriers to:

  • Manage crowds and guide pedestrians at events or public spaces
  • Deter entry into restricted spaces
  • Increase safety where large numbers of people are concerned

There are several suitable crowd barrier options including -

  • Steel crowd barriers - the most popular crowd barriers for events, concerts, festivals and more. The steel design allows for reuse over and over again, with an excellent means of storage when not in use. A strong linking system allows them to cover large spaces with ease.
  • Plastic crowd barriers - plastic crowd barriers are highly suited to outdoor groundworkds where they provide a highly visible entry deterrent. They are widely used by construction and road maintenance crews.
  • Chain barriers - using chain barriers allows for a fast, cost-effective means of control crowds. They are highly suited to retail environments and help to quickly organise crowds.
  • Belt posts - belt crowd barriers offer a sophisticated, high quality means of controlling crowds in open spaces. The belts can create instant queue systems and provide an attractive crowd control means at concerts, banks and more.

Crowd control barriers are generally free-standing and don't require installation before use. Most barriers will stand upright on their own and can join end on end with other units to cover large distances. When no longer required the barriers can be removed and stored easily.

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