Anti Slip Stair Treads Nosing

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Get fast delivery from our Irish warehouse on stair treads and nosing made for professionals. GRP strips provide instant grip and stability for indoor and outdoor steps. See our full range of non-slip strips, tapes and mats with expert advice available. Call us 01 531 2777 or email for the best quotes and bulk discounts.

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Anti Slip Stair Treads Nosing
GRP Stair TreadsGRP Stair Treads
SKU: 727066
Pittman® GRP Stair Treads
Sale price€13.90ex VAT
Highly Effective Anti-Slip Treads for Outdoor Steps
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GRP Anti Slip Stair NosingGRP Anti Slip Stair Nosing
SKU: 726977
Pittman® GRP Anti Slip Stair Nosing
Sale price€16.50ex VAT
Longer Lasting than Metal Alternatives
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GRP Full Stair TreadGRP Full Stair Tread
SKU: 729131
Pittman® GRP Full Stair Tread
Sale price€77.50ex VAT
Extremely High Anti-Slip Rating
Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - FlatBolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - Flat
SKU: 759668
Pittman® Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - Flat
Sale price€29.50ex VAT
Low-Cost Grip Solution for Indoor & Outdoor Steps
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Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - L-ShapedBolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - L-Shaped
SKU: 759666
Pittman® Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - L-Shaped
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Boost Grip on Indoor or Outdoor Steps
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Anti Slip Floor StripsAnti Slip Floor Strips
SKU: 727112
Pittman® Anti Slip Floor Strips
Sale priceFrom €9.95ex VAT
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Outdoor Step Anti Slip KitOutdoor Step Anti Slip Kit
SKU: 759789
Pittman® Outdoor Step Anti Slip Kit
Sale price€99.50ex VAT
Anti Slip Tape - Watch Your StepAnti Slip Tape Watch Your Step
SKU: 759663
Pittman® Anti Slip Tape - Watch Your Step
Sale price€12.95ex VAT
Increase Grip on Steps and Stairways
Anti Slip Tape IPA Cleaner
SKU: 759792
Pittman® Anti Slip Tape IPA Cleaner
Sale price€16.25ex VAT
Anti Slip Tape Edge SealerAnti Slip Tape Edge Sealer
SKU: 759791
Pittman® Anti Slip Tape Edge Sealer
Sale price€12.00ex VAT
Seal Anti Slip Tape Edges For Longer Life
Anti-Slip Tape Surface Primer
SKU: 759790
Pittman® Anti-Slip Tape Surface Primer
Sale price€29.50ex VAT
Primes Surace for Better Anti Slip Tape Install
Caution Anti Slip TapeAnti Slip Tape - Caution
SKU: 759664
Pittman® Anti Slip Tape - Caution
Sale price€12.95ex VAT

Anti-slip stair treads and nosing help to boost grip and stability on indoor or outdoor steps. They are specifically designed to provide a secure walking surface on stairs to reduce the risk of accidents. They are ideal for factory or warehouse stairs where they can boost employee foot grip in harsh settings. They are also suitable in areas that may be exposed to elements like water, oil, or chemicals.

Stairways are generally made from steel or concrete in industrial settings and can become very slippery when wet or dirty. Bolt-down stair treads or nosings can be installed on individual steps to instantly boost pedestrian grip and greatly reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

anti slip stair treads
grp stair nosing
Benefits of anti slip treads and nosing

1. Enhanced Safety: Stair treads and nosing will provide instantly better grip and stability for pedestrians. The increase in traction ensures a better footing and reduces the risk of slips and falls.

2. Durability: Anti-slip products are generally made for frequent pedestrian traffic. While steel and plastic materials work quite well we highly recommend the GRP anti slip stair nosing. This glass reinforced plastic material provides the ultimate durability and long-lasting use.

3. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Most anti-slip stair treads and nosings are designed for easy installation. They can be quickly fixed to existing stairs. Most anti-slip strips can be installed via permanent fixing or adhesive.

4. Visibility: Highly visible nosing colours can boost the visibility of steps. This can further reduce the risk of trips and falls, providing safer workplaces.

5. Cost-effective: GRP treads and nosings are much more cost-effective when compared to paints and coatings. While coatings can wear down and may have to be re-applied over time GRP strips provide longer use at a much lower cost.

Using glass reinforced plastic (GRP) for long-lasting anti-slip measures

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite material made from glass fibres. The tough design of the fibreglass makes it highly suited to long-term use where it can withstand frequent foot traffic. The material is resistant to oils and chemicals and is suited to industrial settings where it resists corrosion, chipping, colour-fading, and warping.

GRP decking treads provide exceptional slip resistance for everyday foot traffic. The fibreglass material can be moulded and textured to boost traction and reduce the risk of slips or falls. The tough 'grit' finish provides a much stronger grip compared to tapes or steel treads and nosings.

Additionally, GRP anti slip treads are lightweight and easy to install. If required the strips can be cut on site to fit particular steps widths. GRP strips can be installed directly onto steps with the help of standard adhesives like Tec7.

antislip stair treads