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See our full range of chain lengths for deterring entry, creating queue systems and more. Get fast delivery on plastic and steel chains with multiple colours and gauges available. Combine with bollards or hooks for instant use in car parks, warehouses and more. Call our sales team on 01 531 2777 or email sales@pittman.ie.

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Lengths of Chain
Handy Plastic Chain 10M BagHandy Plastic Chain 10M Bag
SKU: 752682
Moravia Handy Plastic Chain 10M Bag
Sale price€21.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Chain Delivered FAST
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Plastic Chain 50M RollPlastic Chain 50M Roll
SKU: 898957
Pittman® Plastic Chain 50M Roll
Sale price€49.00ex VAT
Best Value Plastic Chain Delivered Fast
Tough Chain MNKTough Chain MNK
SKU: 752350
Moravia Tough Chain MNK
Sale priceFrom €216.00ex VAT
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Plastic Chain - 25 MetresPlastic Chain - 25 Metres
SKU: 862186
Pittman® Plastic Chain - 25 Metres
Sale price€75.00ex VAT
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M-Ferro 6mm Galvanised Steel ChainM-Ferro 6mm Galvanised Steel Chain
SKU: 752370
Moravia M-Ferro 6mm Galvanised Steel Chain
Sale price€153.00ex VAT
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M-Poly Plastic Chain 8mmM-Poly Plastic Chain 8mm
SKU: 752366
Moravia M-Poly Plastic Chain 8mm
Sale price€66.00ex VAT
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M-Deko Nylon ChainM-Deko Nylon Chain
SKU: 752362
Moravia M-Deko Nylon Chain
Sale price€270.00ex VAT
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Galvanised Steel ChainGalvanised Steel Chain
SKU: 752368
Moravia Galvanised Steel Chain
Sale priceFrom €175.00ex VAT
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Stainless Steel Chain 6mm
SKU: 752374
Moravia Stainless Steel Chain 6mm
Sale price€219.50ex VAT
Chain Connecting Link - S-Hook NylonChain Connecting Link - S-Hook Nylon
SKU: 752384
Moravia Chain Connecting Link - S-Hook Nylon
Sale price€18.50ex VAT
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Chain Connecting Link - Nylon - RedChain Connecting Link - Nylon - Black
SKU: 752379
Moravia Chain Connecting Link - Nylon
Sale price€15.00ex VAT
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Chain Connecting Link - S-HookChain Connecting Link - S-Hook
SKU: 752381
Moravia Chain Connecting Link - S-Hook
Sale priceFrom €13.20ex VAT
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Chain Connecting Link - Screw CloseChain Connecting Link - Screw Close
SKU: 752387
Moravia Chain Connecting Link - Screw Close
Sale priceFrom €10.00ex VAT
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Use lengths of chain to cordon off areas and deter entry. Chains can be used in public spaces to create safer walkways for pedestrians. Combine chains with bollards and barriers to create better indoor and outdoor systems.

Why use lengths of chain?

There are many reasons to use lengths of chain

  • Quick and easy deployment to site
  • Highly affordable barrier option
  • Easily replaced if broken or missing
  • Ideal for on-site customisation
  • Available in many colours, designs and materials
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What kind of chain lengths to use?

For long term use use steel chains. Choose from hot-dip galvanised chains for excellent protection against rusting. Stainlesss steel chains can also offer excellent decoration for public spaces. 

For short term use use plastic chains. Plastic chains are relatively inexpensive. If damaged they can be replaced quickly and easily. For stronger options choose thicker chain links.

Chain lengths can be combined with numerous kinds of barriers or chain posts. Choose the chain type that best suits your area and requirment.

Where to use lengths of chain?

Use lengths of chain to reduce the gap between open spaces. Chain is often used to join multiple barriers or bollards together to cover a larger space. Using chain allows large coverage 

The Plastic Chain M Poly 6mm is the best selling chain. This chain option comes in 10 metre bags for instant use on site. Simply remove from the bag and attach to bollards, barriers or wall hooks.

For an easy dispense option try the plastic chain 50mm 50 metres. This chain comes in a handy roll for easily installing on site. The chain can be cut if needed and allows you to cover large areas FAST. 

Chain Lengths FAQ

Pittman® cannot cut chain to custom lengths. All chain will arrive in 10, 15, 25 or 50 metres for easy customisation on site.

Plastic chain strength can depend on several factors including -

  • Chain link gauge
  • Area of use
  • Weather
  • Chain slack after install

Plastic chain is generally suitable for most temporary setups but and can be easily cut with a sharp blade if custom lengths are required on site.

For a more durable option consider steel chain for your next project.

Chain tensile strength refers to the force chain links can take before they break. The higher the tensile strength the more durable and more resistant to breaking they will be.

Chain link gauge simply refers to the diameter of the chain link. The higher the link diameter the stronger the chain will be.

The best way to attach chains to chain eyes or bollards is to use chain connecting links. Thse links use an opening, screw closure or buckle that can be used to attach or detach chain with ease. Chain connecting links are availalbe in plastic and steel.

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