XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm

Size: 2.4 Metre Wide
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Perfect For HGV Traffic

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  • 100% pure vulcanised rubber means ultimate durability
  • Suitable for areas with immediate danger to pedestrians
  • Precisely moulded for better tyre grip
  • Integral connectors to boost stability
  • Colour fast design to reduce fading over time
  • 2 cats eyes per mid-section for high visibility
  • 16mm drillbit required for install - not included
Bolts included
Heavy Duty
Rated at 10km/h
Professional Use
High Visibility

Product Specifications:

  • Drive Over Depth: 400mm
  • Length (Individual sections): 500mm (Mid-section), 200mm (End-cap)
  • Height: 50mm
  • Material: Synthetic Recycled Rubber

The XPT-50 Speed Ramp Kit 50mm offers an immediate traffic-calming solution for various settings, including private roads, freight depots, and warehouses. This speed bump kit includes all the components required for easy installation, such as mid-sections, end-caps, and fixings.

Crafted from vulcanised rubber, these speed bumps are exceptionally durable and suitable for both cars and HGVs. Each bump effectively reduces vehicle speeds to approximately 15km/h, enhancing safety for motorists and pedestrians in the vicinity.

For enhanced visibility, each mid-section is equipped with cat's eye reflectors, particularly beneficial in low-light environments like multi-storey car parks and warehouses. These reflectors make the ramp more visible to approaching drivers.

The installation of the XPT-50 Speed Bump is straightforward, thanks to pre-drilled holes in each section and end cap, ensuring quick and hassle-free assembly. The male and female ends on the sections also help secure the speed ramp in place over time.