Post and Chain Barriers

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Choose from the full Pittman range of posts and chains with fast nationwide delivery from our warehouse. Create instant queue systems for pedestrians, block entry or delineate areas in an instant. High-quality designs mean long-lasting use for professional settings. Cover large distances that can't be achieved with other barrier types. Need a quote? Call us on 01 531 2777 or email

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Post and Chain Barriers
MultiMax™ Chain PostsMultiMax™ Chain Posts
SKU: 862198
Pittman® MultiMax™ Chain Posts
Sale price€199.00ex VAT
Extreme Durability - Highly Resistant to Vehicles
MegaMax Chain Post SetMegaMax Chain Post Set
SKU: 762140
Pittman® MegaMax Chain Post Set
Sale price€269.00ex VAT
Covers 25m With Only 6 Posts - Made for Outdoors
Metro Retractable Belt Post - Set of 2Metro Retractable Belt Post - Set of 2
SKU: 741502
Pittman® Metro Retractable Belt Post - Set of 2
Sale priceFrom €79.00ex VAT
Ireland's Best Value Belt Barriers
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Guarda Chain Post SetGuarda Chain Post Set
SKU: 752705
Moravia Guarda Chain Post Set
Sale priceFrom €106.00ex VAT
Lightweight Chain Barriers with 10m of Chain
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Plastic Chain 50M RollPlastic Chain 50M Roll
SKU: 898957
Pittman® Plastic Chain 50M Roll
Sale price€49.00ex VAT
GHP Portable BarrierGHP Portable Barrier
SKU: 727320
Pittman® GHP Portable Barrier
Sale price€279.50ex VAT
High Maneuverability; Expands Fully to 3.85m
Guarda-Plus Chain Post SetGuarda-Plus Chain Post Set
SKU: 714102
Moravia Guarda-Plus Chain Post Set
Sale price€166.50ex VAT
Deter Pedestrian Entry Indoors & Outdoors
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Handy Plastic Chain 10M BagHandy Plastic Chain 10M Bag
SKU: 752682
Moravia Handy Plastic Chain 10M Bag
Sale price€21.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Chain Delivered FAST
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Navan Removable Bollard with Chain EyesNavan Removable Bollard with Chain Eyes
SKU: 752449
Autobahn Navan Removable Bollard with Chain Eyes
Sale price€169.50ex VAT
Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain EyesAutobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes
SKU: 752448
Autobahn Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes
Autobahn Chain Eyes
SKU: 752437
Autobahn Chain Eyes (Pair)
Sale price€9.50ex VAT
Sleek Extra Retractable Belt Barrier
Clearance 41% off
SKU: 727318
Queue Solutions Sleek Extra Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale price€99.50 Regular price€169.50ex VAT
7 units available - while stocks last
Colour Choice Bollard comes with Eyelets as standard
SKU: 752494
Autobahn Colour Choice Fixed Bollard
Sale price€79.50ex VAT
WallPro Retractable Belt BarrierWallPro Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782409
Queue Solutions WallPro Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €75.00ex VAT
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SafetyPro Retractable Belt BarrierSafetyPro Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 789977
Queue Solutions SafetyPro Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €179.50ex VAT
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WeatherMaster Twin Retractable Belt BarrierWeatherMaster Twin Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782372
Queue Solutions WeatherMaster Twin Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €124.50ex VAT
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QueueMaster Retractable Belt BarrierQueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782128
Queue Solutions QueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €56.50ex VAT
Wide Selection For All Events
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Chain Eye Autobahn Reflective PostChain Eye Autobahn Reflective Post
SKU: 899017
Pittman® Chain Eye Autobahn Reflective Post
Sale price€46.90ex VAT
Flexible Portable Barrier For Blocking Access

Post and Chain Barriers are extensively used to mark, delineate or block off an area. Chain Post Sets are handy ways for utility crews to block off larger areas than may be achieve with portable barriers, thanks to the wide areas that can be covered by chain.

Our MegaMax Chain Post set is ideal for blocking off wide sections of car parks, warehouses or sports stadiums on a temporary or semi-permanent basis. Coming with 6 large high visibility reflective posts and 25 metres of red/white tough plastic chain – this chain post set is tough, hi-vis and versatile. If operating outside or in windy conditions make sure to fill the bases with gravel or sand for stability, or leave un-filled for indoor use while leaving the posts lightweight and easy to move.

post and chain barrier
chain barriers

For smaller areas consider our Guarda chain post set which comes in a range of colours: red/white or yellow/black and a selection of base options. The most popular combination is our red/white Guarda chain post set with concrete bases. Compact enough to keep in the back of engineers vans, this chain post set is highly portable and quick to deploy covering 10 Metres of area.

For a permanent solution have a look at our AUTOBAHN range of steel bollards – two of which come with chain eyes as standard. For small car parks or pedestrian areas the Autobahn Navan removable bollards comes fitted with two chain eyes and can be easily installed into concrete . They can then be combined with our selection of steel or plastic chain lengths.

For a permanent and removable bollard with chain eyes our Navan Removable Bollard is galvanised and powder coated for long lasting life and comes with three reflective bands for high visibility. Complete with a triangular lock mechanism and ground socket, this bollard with chain eyes can be removed for temporary access to the area – a favourite with school car parks or garage forecourts.

Whether portable or fixed, permanent or temporary, Pittman® has the widest range of chain post barriers – get in touch with our team today for fast quotes and expert advice.

chain post barriers
Post and Chain Barriers FAQ

Use chain barriers because they are -

  • Versatile - they are easily installed or formed into the shape you need them in. Use chain posts for queueing systems, entery denial, pedestrian guidance and more.
  • Cost-effective - chain barriers are generally quite inexpensive compared to other types of barriers. A simple 6-post system can last for years while in use.
  • Transportable - chain posts are also very easy to move or store when not in use.
  • Customisable - can be equipped and expanded with chain and chain links to make a chain set cover even more ground.

Most chain post sets can cover from 10 - 25 metres each, depending on the product.

  • Guarda chain post set - 10 metres of chain included
  • Multimax chain post set - 15 metres of chain included
  • MegaMax chain post set - 25 metres of chain included

Most post and chain barriers will not blow over in light wind. However, if using chain posts outdoors we highly recommend our MegaMax chain post set - this product allows the bases to be filled with sand for a better ballast in outdoor spaces.

If the chain posts are being used permanently in windy environments we would strongly recommend a sub-surface fixed bollard with chain attacements.

Chain post barriers are one of the easiest barriers to install. Because they are free-standing they do not require any permanent fixing to the ground. Simply attach the posts and bases together and then attach chain as necessary. Chains can usually be attached via connecting links.

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