XPT-75 Speed Bump Kit 75mm

Size: 2.4M wide
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Extreme Bump for Pedestrian Safety

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  • 100% pure vulcanised rubber means ultimate durability
  • Suitable for areas with immediate danger to pedestrians
  • Precisely moulded for better tyre grip
  • Integral connectors to boost stability
  • Colour fast design to reduce fading over time
  • 2 cats eyes per mid-section for high visibility
  • 16mm drillbit required for install - not included
  • Rated at 10km/h
    Professional Use
    High Visibility
    Easy Installation
    Bolts included

    Product Specifications:

    • Drive Over Depth: 400mm
    • Length (Individual sections): 500mm (Mid-section), 200mm (End-cap)
    • Height: 75mm
    • Material: 100% pure vulcanised rubber

    The XPT-75 Speed Bump Kit is an effective solution for immediate traffic calming, particularly in high-risk areas. While the 75mm height may seem severe, it serves as a clear warning to drivers to slow down in locations where there is an imminent threat to pedestrians. This speed bump is exceptionally well-suited for concealed entrances, school premises, car parks, and other areas with pedestrian activity.

    Each speed bump is carefully designed to reduce vehicle traffic speeds to approximately 10km/h. The kit includes all the necessary mid-sections, end-caps, and fixings required for the installation of your speed bump.

    To enhance visibility, each mid-section is equipped with cat's eye reflectors. These reflectors are particularly useful in low-light environments, such as multi-storey parking facilities or warehouses, as they make it easier for drivers to see the ramps. 

    Installing the XPT-75 Speed Bump Kit is a straightforward process using the included mid-sections, end-caps, and fixings. All sections come with pre-drilled holes for easy attachment to concrete or tarmac surfaces. The male and female connectors on the sections ensure a secure installation and help maintain the integrity of the speed bump over time.

    For added safety, it is strongly recommended to deploy appropriate ramp warning signs in areas where the XPT-75 is used. These signs provide drivers with advanced notice of the speed bump's presence, contributing to safer traffic management.

    XPT-75 FAQ

    The XPT-75 is designed to slow vehicle traffic to approximatley 10km/h. This is the highest speed bump in the Pittman® range.

    While the XPT-75 is strong enough for HGVs we do not recommend using it. The 75mm height can rub off the underside of some trucks and wear down the speed bumps quickly.

    Instead, we recommend installing 2no. 50mm ramps at least a trucks length apart.

    Vulcanised rubber goes through a longer chemical process to create a stronger, harder rubber compound suitable for long-lasting use. The vulcanised rubber speed bump sections are extremely resistant to wear and tear, weathering and impacts and are highly suited to long-term use.

    The XPT-75 should be used where car traffic poses an immediate danger to pedestrians in the area. They are highly suited to multi-storey car parks, exits from concealed entrances, school premises and more.

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