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Choose from Pittman's wide range of speed ramps delivered direct from our Irish warehouse. Modular speed ramps offer faster installation than concrete or tarmac options while reducing the need for regular maintenance or repairs. Reduce vehicle speeds and boost road safety with speed ramps. Need a quote? Call us on 01 531 2777 or email sales@pittman.ie.

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Speed Ramp
XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mmXPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm
SKU: 747004
XPT XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm
Sale priceFrom €283.50ex VAT
Perfect For HGV Traffic
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Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump KitPittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit
SKU: 756121
Pittman® Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit
Sale priceFrom €140.00ex VAT
Best Selling Speed Bump for Light Traffic
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XPT-75 Speed Bump Kit 75mmXPT-75 Speed Bump Kit 75mm
SKU: 750072
XPT XPT-75 Speed Bump Kit 75mm
Sale priceFrom €346.00ex VAT
Extreme Bump for Pedestrian Safety
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Tiger Speed Bump Complete Kit - 40mmTiger Speed Bump Complete Kit - 40mm
SKU: 899004
Pittman® Tiger Speed Bump Complete Kit - 40mm
Sale priceFrom €175.00ex VAT
6 Reflectors per Section for Ultimate Visibility
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XPT - Berlin Speed CushionXPT - Berlin Speed Cushion
SKU: 747501
XPT XPT - Berlin Speed Cushion
Sale priceFrom €1,015.00ex VAT
4-Piece Kit for Quick Install in 2-3 Hours
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Plastic Safety Rumble Strip YellowPlastic Safety Rumble Strip Yellow
SKU: 763661
Pittman® Plastic Safety Rumble Strip Yellow
Sale price€30.00ex VAT
Versatile PU Strips for Light-Duty Traffic Calming
XPT® Modular Speed Table SystemXPT® Modular Speed Table System
SKU: 747400
XPT XPT® Modular Speed Table System
Slows Urban Traffic to 30km/h - 100% Recycled Rubber
XPT London Speed Cushion SystemXPT London Speed Cushion System
SKU: 895795
XPT XPT London Speed Cushion System
100% Recycled Rubber with High Sound and Vibration Absorption

A speed ramp offers a highly affordable means for slowing vehicles. Speed ramps are made from modular rubber and deter drivers from speeding in an area. The modular design of the ramp makes it very easy to install and is one of the most efficient and cost-effective traffic calming methods.

What is a speed ramp?

A speed ramp is strip of rubber sections that can be installed on the road to slow motorists down. These ramps, also known as speed bumps, deter cars from going too fast over them - if drivers are too fast they risk damaging their car.

speed ramp
speed ramps

By using a speed ramp along with correct signage you can easily deter cars from speeding in the area. The signs will be sure to give the motorists plenty of notice and the speed ramp will deter drivers from going too fast. A speed ramp like the Pittman 50mm Speed Bump Kit is perfect for areas where regular car traffic passes through.

Speed ramps are not suited to public roads as they may be too severe a bump. A speed table is a wider, longer speed ramp that does not slow vehicle as much but allows traffic to flow where needed. This may be better for the likes of a city or town environment. Use a speed cushion installation where emergency vehicles are concerned. Speed cushions can be offset to allow larger vehicle axles to fit around the device without having to lower the speed.

This speed ramp kit comes with all the bolts, mid-sections and end-caps you need to create your ramp. Available in various kit sizes this ramp is ideal for residential areas, shopping centre car parks and many more.

For immediate danger to pedestrians we would recommend our XPT-75 Speed Bump Kit 75mm - a severe bump, but perfect for reducing the speed of vehicles where it may concern pedestrians.

Speed ramp for HGVs?

If you need a speed ramp that would be suitable for using with HGVs try our JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 50mm. This tough speed ramp is made for use with vehicles up to 44 tonnes, ideal for harder wearing areas such as warehouses and freight depots.

rubber speed ramps
Speed Ramps FAQ

Yes, speed ramps and speed bumps are essentially the same thing and serve the same purpose - slowing vehicle traffic. Speed ramps or speed bumps use a shorter design from front to back with a higher incline for a more direct traffic calming method.

Depending on the height of the speed ramp they can generally slow traffic to approxiamtely 5km/h up to 20km/h. The higher the speed ramp the slower vehicles must go in order to pass over them safely.

When installed correctly, rubber speed ramps can last for many years. However, their lifespan depends on the installation and the type & volume of traffic on the road. Call the team at Pittman to help choose the best product for the job.

Rubber can maintain better shape than concrete over time. Modular sections are also easily replaced if they become worn or damaged. If installing multiple traffic calming measures, it is advised that the layout includes at least one vehicle’s length between them.

Use a speed ramp where there is a strong need to slow vehicles, such as areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

For areas like towns or cities where traffic needs to flow relatively normally consider using speed tables or speed cushions.

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